25 reasons why Aftermarket Business Platform was amazing

Of course, not everything was perfect.  There are always aspects we can improve. and we will work on it.  But, last week, we organized the 9th edition of the Aftermarket Business Platform at the Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.  I don’t brag often, but it’s Friday, and it was a really good event.  And it’s not just me saying this.

  • This was a great experience
  • Great experience!
  • I was very pleased with what I got out of my last participation in this annual conference which was in Copenhagen two years ago but this time it was even better. Very good.
  • Great Conference
  • The conference climate for networking and discussions between each other was excellent.
  • Well organized & interesting group of participants. Very professional.
  • Service Mastery Day with Ron Kaufman was excellent
  • It was in general an excellent chance for cross-business Networking.
  • The conference was optimally organized to leave sufficient room for networking, and the Mojo system makes it easy to connect.
  • It was an inspiring event
  • This was a great conference focused on service from all different industries. It gave me the opportunity to learn best practices and gain valuable insight that I can use in my own industry. There were also a lot of networking opportunities and I was able to meet a lot of people in a short amount of time.
  • After:Market is a perfect platform to experience the latest service vibes and get a feeling for market dynamics.
  • An excellent environment and program for networking opportunities
  • It was a great experience to have so many experts and professional and service Industry together and discussing common challenges, experiences and best practices. I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the session conducted by Ron. Well done to the organizers.
  • I learned a lot and really enjoyed hearing the struggles others are facing. It’s funny, but in service you feel like you’re struggling alone but when you hear others experience and their approach to things learn a lot about what might and what might not work.
  • First time at Aftermarkets but very good organization, location and topics.
  • Great platform to share and learn best practice!
  • An excellent opportunity to see and understand where you as a company with aftermarket ambitions stand
  • Very good content with the service mastery day and presentations done by Industry players.
  • Clearly more inspiring and beneficial than I expected.
  • It was a very interesting and fitting conference. Plenty of networking and learning by example. I was able to benchmark myself and my company’s progress in terms of Service Transformation against other similar industries.
  • Great networking. Great organization.
  • It is one of the best conference of the last years. The networking possibilities were very good. I gained very useful Information for my daily job
  • I’ve been Attendee and Speaker to few other Conferences this year, and this has the Top Marking from several aspects.
  • All the subjects selected to the discussion were very integrated to the business climate. Representatives were very knowledgeable and the overall flow went smoothly.

So, thanks to all those that made this possible (colleagues, speakers, partners, participants, and all those who helped making it happen) and I really hope to see you next year.  Stay tuned to find out dates and location…

Thomas Igou,
Editorial Content Director