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Saturday, August 24, 2019

About us

World of Manufacturing

Copperberg is the specialist event organiser for the Global Manufacturing industry. Dedicated to senior executives from global organisations -our events give you the tools to improve short term results while simultaneously designing robust future strategies.

Global Business Network

For several years we have been building our knowledge base and establishing relations with key stakeholders to ensure that we are the leading business network for the industry. All our meetings are based on continuous and profound research done with professionals in the manufacturing industry.

Power of Knowledge

Our platforms provide you with the perfect combination of networking and education. We give you leading edge ideas, innovative case studies filled with key insights from leading organizations combined with hundreds of minutes of organized networking.

Our Vision

Copperberg’s goal is to accelerate growth and progress within organizations and across industries.
So, how do we actually do that?
Herbert Spencer once said: “The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action”.

On a daily basis we work hard to improve, develop and innovate our conference concepts in order to ensure the best hand-on, real life strategies for all our attendees. When you exit the door after attending one of our events our ambition is that you should know how to convert the ideas, networking and thought leadership sessions into real life action and organizational growth, and that you have created a network of industry peers that lasts a lifetime.

Our team is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, or as one of our key note speakers once said – “the epicenter of Industrial manufacturing”. The Copperberg team is characterised by its experienced members with great knowledge who design events to make a difference. And we do make a difference.

It is a privilege to work with all the organizations that are in our network and for every day we grow more and more humble to the fact that there is so much to learn. As long as no human, no organization, is 100% satisfied, our strive to create the best business platforms continues.

Lisa Bergström
Managing Director