Although the industrial sector is considered slow-moving and conservative, it has gone through major changes throughout its history. But as the pace of change accelerates due to a culmination of factors like the fourth industrial revolution, connectivity, and globalization, manufacturers need to adapt their business models in order to stay in the game. One of the paths to do so: Service Transformation.


This report is based on a survey conducted with 215 service leaders and creates the blueprint of a service transformation journey; a benchmark for service leaders within the industrial sector, regardless of where they currently stand (as change is a continuous journey with no endpoint), providing a view into what their peers are doing and what they themselves need to do to get to the next level.


The report is divided into three key areas:
  • Digital: What technologies are they investing in to support their initiatives, and how are they getting these integrated in their current IT infrastructure?
  • Pricing: As manufacturers change the way they sell – from a physical asset to advanced services based on outcomes – then pricing strategies need to adapt, as well.
  • Competence: How attractive is it to get a job at an industrial equipment manufacturer compared to a tech company out of Silicon Valley, and what should companies consider doing in order to improve the recruitment odds?


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