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Rami Avidan

Rami Avidan
  • CEO, Tele2 IoT

Rami Avidan, CEO, Tele2 IoT
Rami is heading up the Internet of Things company Tele2 IoT for the Tele2 Group. He started up Tele2’s engagement in M2M and IoT in 2012, and have since established Tele2 as a leading player in the space. Rami is a serial entrepreneur and has created companies in many various industries among others IT Security, Finance and Telecoms. Rami has a deep understanding of the Telco industry with a specific focus on the M2M/IoT industry, primarily due to the fact that he co-founded and ran the Wyless Group of companies for several years. Rami joined Tele2 in 2012. His strengths include strategy and vision as well as strong leadership skills. Rami holds two M.Sc´s in Finance as well as Management from Regents University, London, UK.

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