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Sveinung Bjerk-Amundsen

Sveinung Bjerk-Amundsen
  • Director of Sales, Apis Training

It’s all start with the teacher! Right?
Usually we all remember the best teachers we have had through life.

My and my team’s mission is to help you remember all the information we want to provide to you by delivering training and education based on best practices and our deep knowledge and experience on the topics in our portfolio.

We do that by working with visuals, mind mapping solutions, drawings, lab exercises and more interactive activities. Via workshops, public scheduled training programs, customised classroom training or as a pre-recorded online course.

In the end it’s all starts with the teacher and their way of delivering in various formats. We know because we have the teachers that consistently get applauded for their excellence in delivering the courses.

If you want to discuss your need to innovate your world within 5G, IoT, Cloud, Open Source or other related topics give me a call or send me an email.

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