Putting Data at the Center
of Your IoT Strategy

Putting Data at the Center of Your IoT Strategy

Monetize your IoT journey through digital twins, new business models, artificial intelligence, connectivity, 5G, remote technology.


Manufacturers may still be apart today in the physical space, but here in the digital world, they are more connected than ever before.

And that’s the result of an agonizing 2020 that was dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost a year ago, supply chain disruptions caused economic volatility that forced many to unplug and disconnect. But for some, there was something keeping everything together and connected: the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). In the past year, it became clearer than ever before that it’s of utmost importance to automate production, maintain output, and develop the ability to accommodate both manufacturing and logistics workers in unprecedented ways.

IIoT-enabled technology gave manufacturers the ability to regain control and improve efficiency through safe and remote operations, while IIoT-enabled processes such as predictive maintenance, remote diagnosis, and analytics took factories to smarter heights. This paints the picture of a be-all and end-all technology that could’ve solved all plant floor and field service issues of 2020, but we know that’s not what happened. The question is: why? What was the rate of IIoT adoption during the pandemic? What IIoT-related challenges did manufacturers face? What could’ve helped them better understand and implement IIoT and how can they leverage this technology moving forward?

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At this year’s Connected Industry Summit, we’ll look at how you can put data at the center of your IoT strategy to ensure new revenue streams.

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