eBook: 4 Steps To Stop Out-Of-Control Discounting

Is highly variable discounting undermining your market share and margin? Take heart. Even large, sophisticated companies like Hewlett-Packard have had to rethink their pricing strategy in order to remain competitive in today”™s marketplace. The key is to adopt a data-driven, scientific pricing strategy. A new e-book, 4 Steps To Stop Out-Of-Control Discounting, shows you how to combine strategy and technology to set prices that win business for each of your customer segments. This guide also covers:

  • The causes (and costs) of out-of-control discounting. How Hewlett-Packard improved quote turnaround time by over 25 percent.
  • Keys to a successful pricing optimization implementation.

Combining the right strategy and technology helps you stabilize win rates across all deal sizes, reducing discounting and controlling variability with accurate, targeted pricing.

Download PROS-ebook-4-steps-to-stop-out-of-control-discounting as a PDF file: