December 3rd – 4th 2019, Park Inn by Raddison, Copenhagen, Denmark
Hamilton Mann
Hamilton MANN
Hamilton Mann
Group Director
Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation – Thales Group

He is the Group Director of Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation of Thales. In support of Thales’s Digital Transformation, he lead the implementation of Group transverse Digital initiatives and supports the execution of Global Business Units digital transformation roadmaps to drive Business Innovation & Growth (aka BIG) by making experimentation the norm.
He also lead Digital Transformation in Marketing to drive enhanced customer engagement and understanding while building a modern Thales’s Marketing Network.
Prior to this appointment, he was Director of Thales Consulting, the management consulting arm of Thales Group, working as advisor for Thales’s executives and focusing on Business Technology, Innovation, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Business Globalization Strategy and Organizational Transformation.
Before joining the Thales, he has been Director at Capgemini Consulting (now Capgemini Invent) working on Digital Transformation and Information Technology Strategy assignments, and he co-founded his own consulting boutique, enjoying an entrepreneur experience for top-ranking companies in various sectors.
His desire as Thales’s Director of Group’s Digital Transformation and Digital Transformation in Marketing is to involve the company’s 61,000 employees to accelerate Thales ability of exploring new horizons for tomorrow’s growth and competitiveness by unleashing the collective genius across the Group to make the impossible, “PoCible”.