Field Service Forum Post Event Report

“In IoT everything is possible, but think before you act!”

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FSF 2017 debated the merits of empowering service department directors and combating the challenges laid by their lack of access to corporate and strategic decision-making. Furthermore, in a globalized service environment, how do you maintain homogenous standards across countries while faced with indigenous service cultures? In a world marred with DIY service tutorial on Youtube, how do you use crowdsourcing service platforms to your benefit?

So how can one can become agile, smart, cognitive if one lags far behind in comprehending the direction which innovation is going. What steps are made by the tech innovators to align with service organisations priorities, timelines, digital divide issues, change management problems? Is there a collaborative framework whereby vendors take a step to adjust the pace at which they innovate to what service organisation need? There are plethora of solutions to chose from? Where does one go from there?

At FSF 2017, the discussions leveled the playing field for all service organizations (across industries, budget and sizes) vying for maturity, agility. In its 4th edition, at the NH Schipol Hotel, the Netherlands, the annual Field Service Forum gathered 174 participants from all corners of Europe and across several verticals within the industrial sector to discuss how to build agile service organizations. Through workshops, case studies, keynotes, roundtable discussions, panels, and plenty of structured networking, the event allowed delegates to explore opportunities to grow their service business. In the following pages, you will find information on the main take-aways of the event, profile of the delegates and their testimonials, and who presented, as well as an intro to the Field Service Forum 2018, which will celebrate its 5th anniversary.

Download the Full Post Event Report Here