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Rajat Kakar

Rajat Kakar
  • Vice President,Head of Product Related Services, Fujitsu

Rajat Kakar, recently selected by Field Service News as one of the 20 Pioneers driving Services industry in Europe, is a recognized leader and a well-respected frequent speaker at industry and leadership events. He is known for driving sales growth and sustained profitability, successfully penetrating new markets and building highly functional teams.

He is currently redefining his business with software defined services including Business Process Management and Robotic Process Automation within Services. In his prior function as head of Product divisions within Fujitsu, he successfully brought to market firsts such as UMTS
integrated lightest laptops, Green IT with Zero-Watt PCs etc., defining Fujitsu's innovative and leadership position.

His pragmatic and inclusive management practice for sales as well as operations, coupled with an as needed hands-on leadership style, has earned him a reputation of the desired leader in both direct and matrix structures.

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