Keynote session: How to Monetize the Installed Base to Boost Field Service Business Growth

In the era of connectivity, how to boost field service business growth even during a downturn, In the middle of the complex world of Field Service Business, can data contribute to sustainable growth easier and efficiently?

  • How to improve the Installed Base Management before starting mining for leads?
  • How to increase and sustain Field Service growth from the Installed Base?
  • How to improve clarity and alignment on achievable entitlement between multiple stakeholders?


Keynote session: Defining World Class Service and How to Get There

What is world class service? It could be said that this is subjective. However, as service delivery continues to evolve and mature there are certain best-in-class practices and KPIs that are common to all successful service organisations. Once you have defined what World Class Service means for your organisation, you can start addressing what can be done now, and what innovations need to be explored for the future.

In this session, Mark Wilding, Vice President, Global Customer Transformation at ServiceMax will be examining some of these best practices, common challenges, and evaluating the technology landscape and the key tools available to service organisations. Join us to hear about what steps your organisation can make today as you build a roadmap towards service excellence and growth.


Keynote session: Improving Service Performance through context and data intelligence for field technicians


Keynote session: How to Use Service & Asset Data to Accelerate Product Rollouts Description

Data can reveal powerful truths when analyzed and presented in a meaningful way. When viewed holistically, the information can transform the entire enterprise – far beyond the service department. Engineering and product lifecycle teams can leverage equipment and service data to accelerate product rollouts.

Join the session to dive deep into how Varian:

  • Employed data to identify service trends and quality issues in newly-released equipment.
  • Arrived at the decision to deploy Aquant Service Insights.
  • Reached a deeper understanding of how machines, too new to the market to offer historical baseline data, functioned in real-world scenarios.
  • Discovered key product rollout lessons – and used newfound levels of visibility into product service trends to change the way the team works.


Conclusions and end of seminar