Be simple & somewhat transparent

Continuous industrial innovations and disruption have made the manufacturing worlds even more complex. Although, with user-focused design at the core of these new technologies, the complexity levels are substantially pegged down.

In real life it does translate in having intelligible, relatable and accessible content and platforms that can be managed by anybody with minimum training.

The finite objective of IoT is to connect all type of devices together allowing them to interact, and “act smart”. With the infusion of artificial intelligence algorithms, connected devices are now capable of learning from each other, predicting future behaviours and triggering operations.

Further advance in IoT depends on data availability, storage, collection, optimization and sharing. Data sharing/collection remains a major challenge for IoT implementation or product sales as clients need to understand what type of data IoT app generates or sends.

Experts all agree that IOT’s success depends on companies bringing great products to the market, but also the ability to protect intellectual property (data), protect trade secret (data) and establish a great trust with their client by being transparent about data collected for IoT product sale/management.

So, in order to achieve a successful IoT implementation or product sales strategy, simplicity in design and limited transparency are key.

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