Due to the recent Coronavirus developments in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany the conference scheduled to take place in Bonn 4-5th of March will move online instead, and Copperberg will announce a new physical event date in autumn 2020.

This force majeure situation makes it impossible to deliver a physical event on the given date under the current state of developments. 

Copperberg’s role is to create content for the community, created and developed by the community.
The community still wants this event to occur and there is a demand for it in the market. Therefore Copperberg will move the sessions of next week’s event online for the meeting to take place.
That means that all scheduled sessions will be taking place at given times.

In short, this is what it means to our attendees.

  1. Copperberg will run the EAM NXT Virtual event on the 4-5th of March and have all content available for the registered delegates during these days. 
  2. Any delegates signed up for the physical event will have, if desired, their attendance moved to the physical meeting taking place in autumn 2020 instead.

We hope for your understanding and look forward to having you back in the autumn instead.
In the meantime and for preparation for next week’s Virtual Summit please liaise with elena.dobreva@copperberg.com or visit www.copperberg.com/eamnxt for signup details to next week’s event.

Best Regards

Lisa Bergström
Managing Director
Copperberg AB 

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