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OPTIMIZE CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUE - December 12th 2017 - Stockholm, Sweden

There is a lot of buzz around the potential benefits and impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) on business. Yet, it’s not always 100% clear what AI is and how it can be used as a strategic lever to drive business performance.

Typically, one of the cleanest data sources in B2B is customer transaction data, which usually resides in ERP systems. By applying AI to all available customer and transaction data, B2B companies can more accurately identify and prescribe actions to drive business performance and customer relationships.

Copperberg, the European leading organizer of events for the manufacturing industry is hosting one of their popular by-invitation only masterclasses for Commercial Directors and Managers.

Copperberg organizes around 15 global events in Europe for Service professionals every year and now they are bringing their masterclasses on a tour. Together with them at this tour is Zilliant, a leading provider of Profit Optimization software.

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A City Meeting is a 4-5 hour seminar/meeting carefully designed for you to meet your potential customers in a relaxed environment, with structured networking allowing you and the audience to engage in productive discussions. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals.


Engaging in face-to-face exchanges with your prospects during a seminar/meeting goes a long way towards establishing and strengthening your connections. It allows you to generate new business opportunities with leading organizations by becoming a part of business-critical conversations that move the industry forward.


Leading companies in various industries across Europe rely on us to help them discover, connect, and collaborate in today’s Digital Economy.

Contact us to find out more about how you can tailor a City Meeting to your needs - or download the information pack here.