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Download the Conference of Things 2016 Survey Report as a PDF- file: Conference of Things 2016 Survey Report.pdf



We are glad to present the first edition of Copperberg Research’s Internet of Things survey report
The Internet of Things (IoT) survey is a long-term initiative to shape a trustworthy, forward-thinking overview of the impact IoT will have on multiple business sectors and verticals. Over future editions we will look at the usage and maturity of IoT in Europe, from both private and public perspectives. The survey provides insight into the current perception of IoT, as held by leaders in the manufacturing sector.

We invite you to learn more about current and future IoT initiatives, trends and challenges across different sectors and organisations across Europe.

Download the Internet of Things report 2014 by Copperberg Research as a PDF- file: Internet of Things report 2014 by Copperberg Research.pdf