Service Mastery with Chris Daffy

Chris Daffy is back – This time in Amsterdam

We wanted to inform you that we are now hosting another workshop, in Amsterdam in June.

This time, Chris Duffy will provide a Guide to Exceptional Customer Loyalty Building.

By the end of this workshop delegates will have a clear understanding of the subject of customer experience management and how it is used to build loyalty. They will also know what to do and how to start if they wish to use a proven approach to success. Key topics:

  • The engineering excellence principles and tools that are equally effective in engineering customer loyalty
  • Why a balanced brain approach is essential for building sustainable customer loyalty
  • The science and art of customer loyalty building
  • The essential tools and techniques for success

Does this sound like something for you? 

We are providing an exclusive 25% loyalty discount for attendees of the Stockholm workshop. If you, or any of your colleagues, want to join us in Amsterdam, ensure to register here, using the code PD25 in order to claim your discount (the discount will be removed retroactively). This discount is valid until 20th March 2015.

>>Visit the website

>>Download the full agenda

We hope to see you in Amsterdam!

Fredrik Johansson

Marketing Manager