Create value and improve your profitability and delivery performance through smart product portfolio management and additive manufacturing.

At most manufacturing companies finding the right balance between availability of spare parts according to customer’s expectations on the one side and managing inventory levels on the other side is an ever-ongoing challenge. Especially older products and spare parts which are low in volume and have fluctuating demands put stress on the supply chain because they don’t go smoothly through the systems.

At ANTARES LCS we specialize in addressing those challenges and providing solutions for our customers from various industries like off-highway and commercial vehicles, diesel engines and components, mechanical engineering, machine tools and others.

We can help you with:

  • Streamlining your product portfolio through product portfolio analysis and actions
  • Creating up-to-date product documentation through reverse engineering
  • Reducing your lead times and inventory levels through 3D printing and other rapid technologies for metal, rubber and plastic parts (additive manufacturing)

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