Gothenburg in autumn is cold and cloudy and although a capricious sun casts a bright shine on the yellow leaves, it is however the perfect weather for an indoor fika. But for dejected job applicants, nature’s flighty temperament holds no sway.

It is 11.30 am in Slottsskogen, (park in the middle of Gothenburg city center) a stone throw from KafeMarmelad and there is Hannah. She is sitting on a wooden bench juggling her oatley flat-white and a fancy packaged avocado toast on one hand, and on the other hand, she is trying to open her box of snus!

From the outset, she seems like a regular corporate ant taking a break. However, slurping a hot coffee is not what’s on Hannah’s mind right now. She just got out of a second interview with a leading manufacturing company. The interview was a disaster, at least from her point of view.

Conflicting thoughts are racing in her already puddled mind.

“Why wasn’t I good enough for them?
I have 2 masters and 3 internships with Volvo, Saab and Scania.”

She then starts questioning her academic credentials and then swiftly scratched the idea.

She just finished her second master in Industrial Design Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology and she managed to graduate top of her class. She elected to have another master 2 years after obtaining her first, a master in Wireless, Photonics and Space Engineering for which she got an honorable mention.

They wouldn’t have rejected her application based on academics. She is more than qualified.

Back to her inner musings, she however mutters out loud:
“H*******e !!! I should have mentioned that my heroes are Leif Johansson, CEO at Volvo, Hans Straberg, former CEO, Atlas Copco & Electrolux Håkan Buske, CEO at SAAB”
… All former students at Chalmers.

Hannah sips her coffee, then she looks up the sky and reflects on the key factors that motivated her to get engineering degrees and to work for a reputed Fortune 500 manufacturing company. She could have applied for Google and the likes; But no, Hannah dropped all headhunters who chased her and are chasing her still.

She believes that the manufacturing workforce and world is where the future is at. Her parents tried to convince her otherwise, to no avail. At their last meeting, her friends from yoga tried to dissuade her from rejecting the offer she got from Spotify.

And now, all her dreams are crushed and her long awaited career in manufacturing will perhaps never materialize.

It is the fifth rejection in 2 months. She has rearranged her resume and even recorded a live presentation of herself and posted it on linkedin, Instagram and Snapchat…

Do you want to know why Hannah keeps getting rejected?

Tune in for our next chapter and conclusion
What is wrong about Hannah – The reveal

Article written by Prudence Kolong, Editorial Director at Copperberg