Editor’s note

Copperberg is proud to present its new business platform for e-commerce leaders to connect with each other and build a successful online sales strategy: E-connect Europe.

For an overwhelming majority of manufacturers, online commerce still represents a small fraction of their company’s total product revenue. And yet, as we come to a close to 2020, we’ve seen that a successful omnichannel approach to online sales is more critical than ever before.

However, how do you go from a static online catalogue with basic checkout options (if at all) to an amazon-like experience with a fully integrated back end IT infrastructure? What strategy to take towards dealers/resellers as your online growth pushes relationships directly with your end users? And how do you ensure a global roll out with market specific approaches?

This is exactly what we will examine at the 2nd Annual Econnect Europe, bringing together over the course of an exciting virtual week, 100 B2B e-commerce experts to discuss, share and benchmark on best practices.

Thomas Igou
Content Director

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We’re currently looking for contributors to the event.  If you are interested, get in touch today.
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