Editor’s note

Copperberg is proud to present its new business platform for e-commerce leaders to connect with each other and build a successful online sales strategy: Econnect Europe.

As we seem to be exiting a state of volatility and uncertainty we can conclude that the manufacturing sector was especially challenged by macro environmental changes and forced to embrace digital acceleration. Now, a year later, manufacturers feel ambitious and eager to polish their competitive edge — on an international scale. This is the hand we got dealt — now we will have to play the cards right.

How will you boost your online revenue and execute a global strategy that yields successful results in an increasingly digital and competitive environment? And where do you currently stand on your journey to achieving a truly profitable e-commerce strategy?

As manufacturers are looking toward the future, we understand the need to change the way to approach online sales and global expansion. This means setting out new objectives for sales, deciding what type of commerce platforms to choose, what technologies to invest in to support expansion initiatives, and more. To help you make more informed decisions we will gather actionable insights that will enable manufacturers to evaluate their positioning and create strategies to grow and boost your online sales going forward.

This is exactly what we will examine at the 3rd Annual Econnect Europe, bringing together over the course of an exciting virtual week, 80+ B2B e-commerce experts to discuss, share and benchmark on best practices.

I look forward to seeing you online.

Lisa Hellqvist
Managing Director

contributor interest
We’re currently looking for contributors to the event.  If you are interested, get in touch today.
Lisa Hellqvist
managing director, Copperberg