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Copperberg is proud to present its new business platform for e-commerce leaders to Connect with each other and build a successful online sales strategy: e-connect Europe.

In our current age of do-or-die digital transformation, e-commerce represents both the greatest opportunity and threat to manufacturing organizations. The online world offers access to a vast pool of potential customers, and the opportunity to profile customers for complexity reduction or value offering. At the same time, it opens the door to new and non-traditional competitors and pirates, dilutes value creation communication, and challenges a company’s control on its prices.

E-Connect Europe will gather 120+ e-commerce leaders from the European Manufacturing industry to share, discuss, and network on how to create a successful e-commerce strategy. Some of the topics that will be discussed:

  • Adoption of new channel management methods to help companies keep and harmonize online and traditional distribution partners

  • Friend or Foe: evaluating tech giants like Amazon or Alibaba

  • Data and eCommerce: how to profile customers to keep and increase market share in a low added-value sector

  • Impact of digital on pricing strategies: the value-based selling at threat?

  • Running your own platform vs. a 3rd party platform

  • Branding vs. Complexity Reduction

  • And much more…!

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Thomas Igou
Content Director

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Thomas igou
content director, Copperberg