Editors note

Digitalisation today is all about the technology. All the buzzwords and advancement in technology related to mobile devices, IoT, AI, AR and VR is enticing to listen to but is technology all that matters?

Partially, yes, technology is the central pillar for digitalisation today, but the differentiators are the strategy that allows maximum utilisation of the technology, processes that help the employees become more efficient, and competencies that help the field workforce to provide a great customer experience.

At the 6th edition of Field Service Forum in 2019 in Amsterdam, more than 110 Field Service Directors gathered to discuss the major transformations due to globalization, digitization and changing customer behaviours. What’s necessary to look at next is the challenges faced by the field service leaders in realising, accepting and implementing digital technologies and tools.
In 2020, Field Service Forum returns with an even more engaging value proposition: ‘’Jumping the Chasm: Realisations in the Digital Era’’.

We take a dive at:

• Strategy: How is your service strategy allowing you to maximise the utilisation of technology and helping realise the ROI on technology investments so far,
• Process: How focussing on processes and outcomes can help leverage the technology to improve employee efficiency.
• Competence Management: How working and developing employee competencies leads to realising and exceeding the customer’s expectations.


Adrian Cirlig,
Content Manager,