Editor's note

In a time of economic chaos, Service is a manufacturer’s best weapon to not only survive, but thrive. And while the parts business may be only one piece of the big-picture puzzle of transforming towards an outcome-based business, it is still the money-making one.

As manufacturers have spent 2020 trying to balance business continuity and managing risks – the majority of manufacturers reacted to the pandemic with cost cutting measures like headcount reductions or reducing business investments – 2021 should be seen as the year we innovate to grow again.

This 9th annual Spare Parts Business Platform will look at what it means to run a spare parts in the new normal. What are the lessons learned from 2020, what can we do moving forward to grow the business again, and where are the opportunities when it comes to digital transformation, considering that only 18% of manufacturers today have a clear digital strategy?


Thomas Igou
Head of Content