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5 KPIs Service Leaders Need to Measure

If you rely on standard KPI measurements to assess the health of your organization, you’re missing key details.

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Historically, measuring customer satisfaction using KPIs, such as First Time Fix Rate or cost per job were enough.

Those methods no longer work if you want to grow a successful and profitable service organization.

Join us for a session discussing:

  • Key drivers and benefits to evolving the way you measure service performance
  • Methods you can implement to increase visibility into every corner of your service model
  • Ways you can build a robust measurement framework, leading to faster training and a more successful workforce


Sidney Lara, Service Principal, Aquant

Sidney is an industry principal with extensive service experience in new product development, product support, and field service operations. He is a visionary leader who embraces change and leverages data to make sound business decisions.

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Join Aquant and Copperberg for the virtual Keynote Presentation, part of the Aftermarket Virtual Academy!