Digital Meetups

Times have changed. And although we miss meeting you ‘in person’ we are very pleased to see the uptake and great feedback we have had on our virtual events during the past year. All the major benefits of acquiring and sharing knowledge, content, and ideas have been maintained. And the networking part can be done at the comfort of our own home or office.

The options are endless (and we are very grateful for the technology!). In addition, save on both travel and accommodation costs for your team. It’s a win-win.

Upcoming events

18 — 22 OCTOBER 2021

Aftermarket Virtual Business Platform

18 NOVEMBER 2021

Field Service US Virtual Seminar

09 DECEMBER 2021

Pricing Excellence US Virtual Seminar

7 — 11 FEBRUARY 2022

Spare Parts Virtual Business Platform

7 — 11 FEBRUARY 2022

E-Connect Europe Virtual Business Platform

14 APRIL 2022

Spare Parts UK Virtual Summit

28 APRIL 2022

Connected Industry Virtual Summit

16 — 20 MAY 2022

Manufacturing Pricing Excellence Virtual Business Platform

01 JUNE 2022

Field Service UK Virtual Summit

8 — 9 JUNE 2022

Field Service Forum Virtual Business Platform

Available on demand


Spare Parts US Virtual Seminar


EAM NXT Virtual Seminar


US Summit: Pricing Excellence


US Summit: Spare Parts


US Summit: Field Service