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Copperberg is an expert original content creation company specialising in the manufacturing sector.

With years of experience, we have cultivated a robust global business network, supported by continuous research and relationships with key stakeholders in the manufacturing industry. Our reputation for reliability and success is built on delivering outstanding platforms that provide key insights into industry challenges, future trends, and market developments. Our business platforms serve as catalysts for growth and global relationship-building within the industry.


The Copperberg team, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is characterised by its experienced members with great knowledge who design content and communities to make a difference. And we do make a difference.

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Managing Director

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Kris Oldland

Editor in Chief, Field Service News by Copperberg

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Providing a place to discuss, benchmark, learn, educate and exchange knowledge that can not be found in textbook examples.

The complexity of the market and many times the complexity of our members own organisations makes it evident that there is a need for a common ground. A place where industry peers can discuss, benchmark, learn, educate and exchange. We provide the kind of knowledge that cannot be found in textbook examples or mainstream media. But rather a knowledge that comes from years of experiences; learnings and mistakes, successes and wins – and how to reap the benefits of these experiences.

Our mission to identify the industry’s current challenges and find the most hands-on solutions out there would never be possible without the great support we have from all our contributors and our loyal network of manufacturers and technology providers. Without the actual insights directly from the industry – we would never be able to provide premium content. For that support, we are truly grateful.

As long as no human, no organization, is 100% satisfied, our drive to create the best business platforms continues.


We are delighted to have contributors from leading industry experts.

Having experts contribute to our website allows us and you to keep at the very heart of manufacturing insight and key talking points. If you would like to join Copperberg as a guest blogger, reach out to us today!

Radiana Pit

Content Writer

Nick Saraev

Content Writer

Kris Oldland

Editor in Chief, Field Service News by Copperberg