01. Webinar

Activate Service Data: Aligning Teams, Customers, Equipment, and Processes

It’s all about strategically using data to meet evolving service needs and challenges around the globe, says Mike Ferraro, Werfen’s Worldwide Service Director. Learn how his team is using that data to help benchmark themselves against competitors and better manage the way they deploy their resources.



How can service data benefit entire organizations, their products, and customers?

Join Aquant and Werfen for a session on leveraging non-traditional insights to:

  • Take a holistic look at customer journeys and establish user success criteria
  • Manage customer risk and escalations – while simultaneously improving customer experience and adoption
  • Review, adjust, and standardize technician training
  • Influence product roadmaps – making sure to assign enough resources to encourage proactive service
  • Lead product launches – with the help of service records that illustrate real-world customer use and serviceability


Sidney Lara, Service Principal, Aquant

Sidney is an industry principal with extensive service experience in new product development, product support, and field service operations. He is a visionary leader who embraces change and leverages data to make sound business decisions.

Michael Ferraro, Worldwide Service Director, Werfen

Michael has over 10 years of Senior Leadership experience managing Technical Operations/Program Development as a Regional, National and Global Manager. He is a passionate leader that strives for customer success, quality and continuous improvement.

Lisa Hellqvist, Managing Director, Copperberg

In 2012 Lisa co-founded Copperberg and has since the start been the acting Managing Director. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, she first joined the group of companies as Marketing Director in 2009. In addition, Lisa holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration and economics.

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