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At this year’s 14th Annual Aftermarket Business Platform, game-changing leaders will share their journeys, strategies, failures, and insights into what it takes to shape the service business of tomorrow, today.



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Poll results from KEYNOTE: Outcomes-Based Service: 5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid on Your Servitization Journey

Has your digital transformation project exceeded the planned timeline?

77% Yes
23% No

Has your digital transformation project exceeded budget limitations?

55% Yes
45% No

Is your organization actively exploring or planning to servitize in 2021?

92% Yes
8% No

Delivering on IDC’s Covid-19 recovery curve requires key investment in Servitization use cases. Are you currently investing in the following capabilities? Select all that apply:

17% 360-degree customer management
13% Shared commerce platforms for seamless transactions
9% Extended supply chain planning
17% Physical asset performance management
21% Predictive and augmented asset maintenance
4% Autonomously orchestrated factory operations
17% Advanced digital simulation
2% Extreme automation, hyperconnected enterprise, intelligence everywhere



Poll results from CHANGE MANAGEMENT KEYNOTE: Digital transformation impacts company existence — ready for change?

Which communication channels do you use for your technical support to your customers?
36% Email
20% Phone
32% Service provider Portal
12% Online chat / Whatsapp
0% Other

Which business models for digital services do you offer to your customers?
20% One-off payment
60% Fee (license, monthly, etc)
8% Bonus/penalty, benefit sharing
12% Other



KEYNOTE: Outcomes-Based Service: 5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid on Your Servitization Journey

The opportunity that service represents may be immense, but restructuring your organization to be more service-centric is no small feat.
There are many aspects you must address to achieve success – and the onus cannot just be placed on the service function alone.
It takes a cohesive vision, multifaceted plan, and all departments working together to seize the service opportunity.
Are you going to be a solutions provider for your customers, or will someone else be?
Here’s our advice for accelerating your servitization journey and 5 common pitfalls to avoid on the way

Marne Martin, IFS



CHANGE MANAGEMENT KEYNOTE: Digital transformation impacts company existence — ready for change?

Digitalization of a company’s business processes and models for products offerings and services, creates a new way of working, a change which urges way of thinking, company culture and business existence. Digital transformation is a change that requires awareness, risk mitigation, cooperation, motivation and a vision for improvement towards company business existence.
• Digitalization of technologies and product offerings
• Transformation to new revenue models
• Improving ways of customer support leveraging customer experience

Ioannis Chatzilamprou, Outotec



SERVITIZATION KEYNOTE: How to shift internal mindsets

Welcome to Copperberg’s live coverage of the “Servitization Keynote: How to Shift Internal Mindsets,” as part of the Aftermarket Virtual Summit.

This keynote session is being hosted by Paolo Dazi, Senior Vice President, BU Port Services at Konecranes, and Thomas Igou, Head of Content at Copperberg.

Paolo Dazi will share a case study from his past experience on how to shift internal mindsets for a successful service transformation journey.

➤ “Reality is not so straightforward. Changing ideas takes time and it’s never an easy process. Changing mindsets is organic, and it requires flexibility and stamina,” Paolo Dazi says.

➤ Why can’t competent service organizations grow organically on the market? According to Paolo Dazi, a rigorous Service Transformation Strategy is necessary.

➤ Paolo Dazi: “We wanted to transform into an outcome-driven organization that is continuously expanding the boundaries of our customer’s operational efficiency.”

➤ Paolo Dazi claims that servitization will be as deep and as radical as the ‘just-in-time’ revolution.

Moving away from concept phrases and utilizing word-pictures can help you better communicate your transformation goals to your staff and main stakeholders.

➤“Communicating what you are already doing is more effective than communicating what you are planning to do,” says Paolo Dazi.

➤Paolo Dazi: “It’s important for every single team member to understand the impact of service on customer experience.”

➤Paolo Dazi states that the mission of service innovation is different from the mission the rest of the company has. It’s important to create a dedicated team and space to explore this avenue of service innovation.

➤Combining innovation with existing advanced services will ensure sustainability and customer satisfaction, according to Paolo Dazi, SVP at Konecranes.

➤Paolo Dazi wisely advises promoting what you have achieved on your journey, rather than what you hope to achieve, in order to gain the credibility of your main stakeholders.

➤Operational excellence is the key to building respect and trust, according to Paolo Dazi, SVP at Konecranes.

Up next: Stay tuned for the upcoming “Change Management Keynote: Digital transformation impacts company existence — ready for change?”, hosted by Ioannis Chatzilamprou, Global Product Manager & Digital Services at Outotec. The session will go live shortly, at 1:45 PM CET / 2:45 PM EEST.



SERVITIZATION KEYNOTE: How to shift internal mindsets

Placing services at the centre of a business that used to “just” manufacture things is an incredible change, and one that is not necessarily easy for staff to embrace. However, servitization demands a people-centric approach; and the rapport sales, maintenance and service staff have developed with customers remains crucial to shifting to a servitization focus. In this presentation we will discuss strategies that will motivate staff (and main stakeholders) to join you on your service transformation journey.

Paolo Dazi, Konecranes



DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION KEYNOTE: Manage your company’s digital strategy

Welcome to Copperberg’s live coverage of the “Digital Transformation Keynote: Manage Your Company’s Digital Strategy,” as part of the Aftermarket Virtual Summit.
➤ The session is underway and it is being hosted by Christian Baudis, Digital Entrepreneur and Former MD Google Germany, along with Copperberg’s Malin Petterson, Marketing Director, and Thomas Igou, Head of Content.
➤ The Digital Transformation Keynote has begun with the welcoming words of the speakers and will discuss the ins and outs of digital transformation.
➤ As Christian Baudis remarks in his keynote speech, “digitalization will reshape the future of society.”
➤ Businesses will have to capitalize on 5 megatrends in the next 5 to 10 years, as presented by Christian Baudis: robotic and autonomous mobility, sensor technologies, Big Data & AI, digital health, and cybersecurity.
➤ Christian Baudis: “Use your data right; it’s a competitive advantage.”
➤ The keynote speaker Christian Baudis cleverly predicts that “we will live in a world where we will ask the supercomputer what to do.”
The self-driving car may not yet be popular on the European market, but according to Christian Baudis, “autonomous driving is by far the most innovative technology.”
➤ The use of voice recognition technology is expected to increase. “We will talk to the robots,” Christian Baudis says.

➤ Up Next: Tune in live at 1:00 PM CET / 2:00 PM EEST for the upcoming “Servitization Keynote: How to Shift Internal Mindsets,” hosted by Paolo Dazi, SVP Port Services at Konecranes, and Thomas Igou, Head of Content at Copperberg.



Second Keynote

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION KEYNOTE: Manage your company’s digital strategy

In this exclusive keynote, you’ll learn the ins and outs to successfully manage your company’s digital transformation. Christian Baudis is a Digital Entrepreneur, Futurist and former Google Executive. He has founded several European Start-Ups successfully and has held leading CEO positions in the European Media and Internet Sectors for more than 20 years. In 2014 Christian Baudis founded My Digital. My Digital
is a digital Innovation Firm which successfully manages the digital transformation of our times and advises Corporates and Investors in their digital strategy.

Christian Baudis, former MD Google Germany



Question during the opening keynote

“From customers perspective, it’s tempting to push risk to the product/service provider and consume process/outcome based services. From provider’s perspective, fully with Urban’s view that suppliers do have to understand end-to-end product and service lifecycle in depth to provide related business models in a profitable and differentiating manner.”

Hans Bracke, IBM, Service Transformation Global Lead



Opening Keynote

Thought Leadership reflections on Service Business in the Industrial and Life Science world moving forward into the Future Next

Based on 900 interviews with clients world wide we have compiled a Thought Leadership Point of View around how the Service Business will evolve in the Industrial and Life Science market. This unique material and findings show clearly how the companies in these markets plan to evolve this part of the business. We share this and add some of our thoughts to the findings and reflect on the road forward into the Future Next.

Urban Hofström, Accenture



Thomas Igou Opening Remarks

Thomas Igou opens up the conference and announces a brand new webinar with IBM coming later in the year, stay tuned to the Copperberg website for more information on that. Opening session starts at 10:15.


Will the aftermarket become “the market”?

The aftermarket organization has not reached its potential as a strategic business or making the impact it can on the bottom-line. Today, it is moving to the forefront of the business in becoming the profit centre it should be. A 1% pricing improvement can increase profit up to 19% and with 60-80% parts (Deloitte) not priced adequately the potential is considerable.


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