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At this year’s 14th Annual Aftermarket Business Platform, game-changing leaders will share their journeys, strategies, failures, and insights into what it takes to shape the service business of tomorrow, today.



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Service KPIs Deep Dive: Are You Measuring What Matters?

For an accurate snapshot of your service performance, knowing your first time fix rate isn’t enough. In this roundtable, we’ll explore new industry benchmarks that reveal the importance of measuring a range of service KPIs. We’ll discuss approaches for defining and tracking the metrics that matter most for your business. Plus, we’ll examine the importance of digging into individual contributor performance to understand the impact of the technician skills gap on your business. This session will be followed by a Part II, where we’ll explore approaches for lifting performance.

Kevin Herring, Aquant




Outcome-based service contract pricing: Risks, challenges, and best practices

Hamed Hakimian, Avrogan, Arsham Mazaheri, Avrogan




Moving toward end-to-end Business Value Engineering

If you are not moving toward end-to-end Business Value Engineering driven by a Digital Twin of your Organisation, you will be left behind by your competition in the 3 to 5 year timescale.

In this discussion, you will hear from Matt Smith, one of the original designers of Business Value Engineering – Matt will share insights on how new cloud tools, forced on his team by the Covid lock-down, have revolutionised the collection of business value information through crowd-sourcing techniques. You’ll discover and then debate how this helps create a common shared vision for business change, manages risk of delivery and then applies business value change in a new and novel way using behavioural science.

Finally, we will discuss what this means as companies inevitably march towards servitization and the naturally associated adoption of Digital Twin of the Organisation (DTO).

Matt Smith, IFS




How digitalization is shaping the future of training in the Aftermarket

Welcome to Copperberg’s live coverage of the “Competence Management Keynote: How Digitalization Is Shaping the Future of Training in the Aftermarket,” as part of the Aftermarket Virtual Summit.

The session is underway and it features a keynote talk by Mariam Lochoshvili, Marketing Manager EMEA at Sensata Technologies—who is joined by Copperberg’s Head of Content, Thomas Igou.

This keynote will take attendees through the challenges of in-person training and show them how today’s aftermarket organizations can solve such obstacles through digitalization.

Sensata Technologies, a company that employs 21,000+ people around the world, has judiciously developed the aftermarket’s first TPMS online training course and educational platform. In her keynote speech, Mariam Lochoshvili will reveal the salient findings gathered by the firm during the course of the project.

➤ Training sits at the heart of Sensata Technologies’ value proposition, outlines Mariam Lochoshvili.

➤ What are the key challenges of in-person training? Here’s a quick round-up, as outlined by the keynote speaker: human capital, high fixed costs, dependency on customers.

➤ Asked to pick between digital or in-person training, the great majority of attendees prefer the latter—in-person training, which requires more hands-on experience, adaptability, and interaction.

➤ Mariam Lochoshvili: “The question is not digital or in-person training. The question is the ratio between digital and in-person.”

➤ Mariam Lochoshvili cleverly observes that businesses should start seeing training as a major communication channel.

➤ Attendees are introduced to TPMS e-Training Course—a program that consists of three modules. Since March 2020, Sensata Technologies has received more than 2000 registrations globally.

➤ What’s next for Sensata Technologies? Mariam Lochoshvili reveals an exclusive look at TPMS Tech Talk—an online portal about educational topics.

➤ As Mariam Lochoshvili analyzes the results of her company’s training programs, she advises viewers to be open-minded and consider adding digital tools to their training portfolio, do research to identify the perfect ratio, and keep adapting.

Up Next: Keep an eye out for today’s interactive roundtable discussions:

– Moving Toward End-to-End Business Value Engineering

– Outcome-Based Service Contract Pricing: Risks, Challenges, and Best Practices

– Service KPIs Deep Dive: Are You Measuring What Matters?

All the virtual discussions will begin at 3:00 PM CET / 4:00 PM EEST.




How digitalization is shaping the future of training in the Aftermarket

The presentation will discuss key challenges that aftermarket organizations face with in-person training at the garage level and review how these challenges can be solved with the help of digitalization. We will summarize the key findings that Sensata Technologies has collected while developing the aftermarket’s first TPMS online training course and educational platform.

Mariam Lochoshvili, Sensata Technologies




2020 Reflecting on the 4 main Hypotheses and how they reflect on your business today and in the future

During this highly interactive workshop, we conducted a few polls to gain further insight into the subject matter. Here are a few of the results:

To what extent do you lack traditional service capabilities & new service capabilities?

31% 1 (lowest)
38% 2
23% 3
8% 4 (highest)

Are you struggling with a missing focus on service and insufficient investment into the service business?

7% 1 (lowest)
43% 2
36% 3
14% 4 (highest)

Are suitable Service Management Practices and KPIs a major concern for your service business?

15% 1 (lowest)
38% 2
23% 3
23% 4 (highest)

View more results from the session in the community portal today. Don’t forget, if you sign up today you will gain access to all the previous content from day one, two and three. Sign up here.




2020 Aftermarket Benchmark Survey Results

In cooperation with Copperberg, a survey was conducted in September to understand the direction the aftermarket has taken during this turbulent year. More than 50% surveyed will and are making changes to their business models as a result. Hear more in what ways they are reacting and how they are supporting their servitization transformation journey.

Kalle Aerikkala, Vendavo




From vision to implementation — the digital transformation in the industrial service business

Welcome to Copperberg’s live coverage of the “Service Excellence Keynote: From vision to implementation — the digital transformation in the industrial service business,” as part of the Aftermarket Virtual Summit.

This keynote session is being hosted by Konrad Weichmann who currently manages the Siemens-wide “Service Business Excellence” program, which focuses on digital transformation across organizational, national, and hierarchical boundaries.

Konrad Weichmann, will explain the long-term approach for a company-wide service transformation program that enables customer intimacy, digitalization, and profitable growth.

➤ Konrad Weichmann asked participants to identify major challenges in the service business. Some of the answers may sound familiar: increasing efficiency, servitization, and digitalization—which dominates the rest.

➤ During the last 5 years, Siemens created the Service Business Program which focuses on transformation, servitization, and digitalization.

➤ Konrad Weichmann reveals that the Service Business Program is built on 6 pillars to ensure sustainability and impact: service vision, service strategy, transparency, management involvement, working groups, and regional communities.

➤ Konrad Weichmann: “Transparency is not so much about control, but about operation indicators.”

➤ According to Konrad Weichmann, the Siemens Service Strategy aims to optimize operations and promote growth via new digital services in order to boost the digitalization journey.

➤ According to event participants, the most relevant pillars for them are service strategy, management involvement, service vision, and working groups.

➤ Some of the main outcomes of Service Business Excellence include increased profit supported by fast cross-divisional practice adoption and the industrialization of additive manufacturing.

➤ Konrad Weichmann answers the audience’s questions regarding the future of the program, the extent of working groups, and more!

➤ Konrad Weichmann: “The typical size of a working group consists of 20 dedicated people.”

Up next: Stay tuned for the upcoming “Keynote: 2020 Aftermarket Benchmark Survey Results”. Vendavo’s Senior Consultant, Kalle Aerikkala, and Copperberg’s Head of Content, Thomas Igou, will discuss how businesses are supporting their servitization transformation journey in these turbulent times. The session will go live at 1 PM CET / 2 PM EEST.




From vision to implementation — the digital transformation in the industrial service business

This presentation describes the long-term approach for a companywide program focusing on the service transformation — with the targets: customer intimacy, digitalization and profitable growth. The presentation
will cover the program design, implementation and adaptation and will also provide insights into lessons learned and implementation examples.

Konrad Weichmann, Siemens.



Workshop B

Reflecting on the 4 main Hypotheses and how they reflect on your business today and in the future

Discussion around the 4 main Hypotheses to confirm and reflect if they are the correct findings from the market and how they will impact the evolution of the business. Reflections and conclusions from the teams to be shared in the wider audience.

Workshop hosted by Accenture.


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