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Conference closes with Thomas Igou

That’s all folks. Thanks for everyone who participated in this year’s virtual Aftermarket Business Platform, it’s been a pleasure to see so much discussion. Keep an eye out on for upcoming reports and webinars which we will be releasing soon. Until next time, Copperberg.




How to power your intelligent and autonomous service transformation

Hear from a panel of global manufacturers to discover how they are powering their transformation to become intelligent and autonomous service organizations.

IFS, Cubic Transportation Systems




Reaching out the extra mile in difficult territory and having better visibility in the mine

Welcome to Copperberg’s live coverage of the “Drones in Service Keynote: Reaching out the extra mile in difficult territory and having better visibility in the mine,” as part of the Aftermarket Virtual Summit.

This keynote session is being hosted by Regina Roos, Digital Transformation Manager and Sales Director at Roos—Solutions for future.
Keynote speaker, Regina Roos, remarks that about 10 years ago, people believed drones were too good to be true. Nowadays, this technology provides visibility in mines, leading to better service.

In the mining industry, drones can be used in areas such as pre- and post-blast analysis, geotechnical monitoring, rock fragmentation, environmental monitoring, equipment inspection, failure analysis, and stockpile reconciliation.

➤ Regina Roos: “Through the entire supply chain, drones can be incredibly useful tools in the mining business.”

➤ Some of the biggest challenges in using drones in the M&M industry include varying rules, regulations, and legalities across geographies; limited flying capacity, load endurance, and processing power; and incompatibility with existing solutions.

➤ Regina Roos: “Investing in a new concept, like working with drones, requires a significant amount of training.”

➤ Regina Roos reveals that, in the mining industry, drones improve the overall efficiency of large mine site and quarry management by providing accurate and comprehensive data.

➤ According to Regina Roos, automated drones can help minimize personnel in dangerous areas and reduce the risk of injuries by using aerial data instead of manned inspections for incident response.

➤ A good application for drones is stockpiling. Since stockpiles are by nature irregular in shape and exhibiting crates, it is difficult to accurately estimate their volume using traditional methods.

➤ Using drones can lead to administrative cost savings and minimized equipment damage, according to keynote speaker Regina Roos.

➤ According to Regina Roos, drones are becoming increasingly pervasive across industries. The use of drones in the M&M industry is currently centered on safeguarding human safety in risky and hazardous operations.

➤ Regina Roos explains that cost optimization is an area that is yet to be explored. The lack of solutions related to the commercialized use of drones can be attributed to multiple regulatory hurdles and technological limitations, besides the fear of increasing monetary investments.

➤ Regina Roos concludes that drones are similar to robots. By transferring human tasks to devices, you can prevent dangerous situations, especially in times like these, when the pandemic enforces new safety norms and measures.

➤ Regina Roos on data security: “Drones have GPS sensors that monitor functions, enabling you to recall the data.”

Up next: Tune in for the upcoming “Panel Discussion: How to power your intelligent and autonomous service transformation.” At 1:50 PM CET / 2:50 PM EEST, prepare to gain actionable insights from Mark Brewer—VP of Service Industries at IFS, Mike Gosling—Service Platforms Manager at Cubic Transportation Systems, and Thomas Igou—Head of Content at Copperberg.

Wrap up this edition of the Aftermarket Virtual Summit with some closing remarks from Thomas Igou. The final session goes live at 2:50 PM CET / 3:50 PM EEST. Thank you for your time!




: Reaching out the extra mile in difficult territory and having better visibility in the mine

Be it short or long, the life cycle of a mine comprises the core elements of exploration, resource definition, cost modeling, approvals, design, construction, operations, decommissioning and rehabilitation. Through this life cycle, electrical systems are a critical element to deliver the required outcomes, remain safe, be maintained, remain compliant and finally be decommissioned.

Regina Roos, Digital Transformation Manager




Achieving business continuity and service excellence in the COVID-19 era and beyond with AR Visual Assistance

Welcome to Copperberg’s live coverage of the “Achieving Business Continuity and Service Excellence in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond with AR Visual Assistance” keynote, as part of the Aftermarket Virtual Summit.

This session will feature keynote talks from James Doyle, VP of Sales—UK & Northern Europe at SightCall, Kari Launonen, Technical Support Manager at KONE, and Richard Hulsbeek, Director of Global Tech Center at Malvern Panalytical.

In the challenging times of COVID-19, many organizations turned to virtual assistance in order to maintain business functions and expertly achieve service excellence. This keynote will follow KONE and Malvern Panalytical’s journey towards ensuring business continuity throughout the COVID-19 outbreak by exploring 2 case studies on the use of virtual assistance.

➤ James Doyle: “The new normal is remote.” 72% of companies are currently adopting remote tools in order to drive innovation in the coming years.

➤ As James Doyle reveals in his keynote speech, SightCall supports field service experts, technicians, and customers online—in a safe environment, where you can collaborate and resolve issues without having to go on site.

➤ SightCall’s technology provides significant value across the organization—from the point of purchase and customer experience to training and remote support.

➤ How has COVID-19 impacted KONE? “We had to follow a lot of new regulations. We also had to look at how to maintain our equipment,” Kari Launonen says.

➤ Malvern Panalytical has implemented advanced technology into their business operations ahead of COVID-19, Richard Hulsbeek remarks. As a result, the firm was able to respond quickly to the COVID-19 crisis.

➤ Using AR tools that provide precise instructions, Malvern Panalytical can efficiently investigate the issue at hand before dispatching technicians to the field—and the future is promising. As Richard Hulsbeek says, “there are huge opportunities ahead.”

➤ Has AR adoption increased price pressure on service agreements? Kari Launonen says that, at the moment, the answer is “no.”

➤ James Doyle: “There are always going to be some use cases where virtual assistance is not allowed.”

➤ The keynote speakers commonly agree that more companies are going to adopt advanced technology as such tools become more mainstream.

Up Next: Tune in live at 1:00 PM CET / 2:00 PM EEST for the “Drones in Service Keynote: Reaching Out the Extra Mile in Difficult Territory and Having Better Visibility in the Mine,” hosted by Regina Roos, Digital Transformation Manager and Sales Director at Roos—Solutions for Future, and Thomas Igou, Head of Content at Copperberg.




Achieving business continuity and service excellence in the COVID-19 era and beyond with AR Visual Assistance

2 case studies from Kone and Malvern Panalytical on the use of virtual assistance to achieve business continuity and service excellence in the era of Covid-19.

Sightcall, Kone & Malvern Panalytical


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