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The True Business Value and Impact of AI

Running a smart and agile manufacturing operation

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a cornerstone of innovation across industries, with manufacturing witnessing some of the most significant transformations. Globally, AI’s integration into manufacturing promises not only vast improvements in efficiency and productivity but also a redefinition of what businesses can achieve. 



From predictive maintenance to smart supply chains and beyond, AI is expected to shape the future of manufacturing by driving smarter, faster, and more sustainable practices.

This technological shift is poised to enhance competitive edges, redefine customer interactions, and streamline operations.

The seminar will delve into AI’s transformative role in the manufacturing industry through practical applications and expert insights, organized around three expertly crafted themes:

  • Boosting General Productivity and Efficiency – This theme explores the expansive impact of AI on manufacturing efficiency and productivity. We will discuss how AI technologies are being leveraged to optimize operations, minimize waste, and enhance decision-making processes. The role of AI in improving energy management and automating routine tasks will also be highlighted, showcasing its potential to transform traditional manufacturing into highly efficient, future-ready operations.
  • Enhancing Customer Value Through Swift Service – Our second theme will focus on AI’s role in revolutionizing customer service within the manufacturing sector. We’ll examine how AI-driven systems enhance service delivery by providing faster, more accurate responses to customer inquiries and needs. Case studies will demonstrate AI’s effectiveness in speeding up service processes, customizing solutions, and improving overall customer satisfaction, thus building stronger, more enduring relationships.
  • Strategic Implementation and Ethical Considerations – The adoption of AI technologies requires thoughtful strategic planning and rigorous management. This theme will cover the essential frameworks for integrating AI effectively within manufacturing practices, aligning with broader business goals. We will also tackle the ethical aspects of AI usage, discussing the importance of transparency, accountability, and bias prevention to ensure responsible and beneficial AI deployment.

We are excited to facilitate enlightening discussions that highlight AI’s technological advances and address the strategic and ethical considerations necessary for its successful implementation.

03. Speakers

Prof. Dr. Aymen Gatri

Deepika Sandeep
Director AI, Honeywell

Lisa Hellqvist
Managing Director, Copperberg

Join us to gain insights from industry leaders and share your perspectives on leveraging AI to reshape the manufacturing landscape.

04. Agenda