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Supply Chain Resilience – Building an End-to-End Visibility

The number of disruptions that businesses must face and defend against is growing rapidly. Political frictions, environmental degradation, economic instability, biological threats – each of these can decide whether your company’s supply chain will survive or grind to a halt.

Hence, companies’ growth also depends on whether data is being used intelligently – whether you have the latest data exchange technologies or not.

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This Virtual Seminar will teach you more about the flexibility in the supply chain and how agile organizations deal with changes in market conditions.

This Virtual Seminar will cover the 3 most important areas to handle the challenges up front:

  • Flexibility and agility in the supply chain – How can you ensure flexibility so it is possible to scale down and scale up depending on marked conditions and demands?
  • Strengthen infrastructure and supply – With instability in the market we need to consider how to ensure supply, should something happen, different techniques such as supporting supplier networks and back-up inventory are some suggestions.
  • New technologies and increased transparency – How can technologies like block chain benefit the supply chain and how can we take the first step towards a smarter and more transparent future?

We look forward to discussing this during our Virtual Seminar and zoom in on how to protect and optimize supply chains in uncertain times.


Daniel Rose, Team Lead After Sales Development, GEZE

Since 2017, Daniel has been responsible for the global development of the after sales business within GEZE, where he and his team cover the entire range from strategy to operations. He started his career at Deutsche Bahn, where he joined the key account management team after completing his dual studies in service management. After several years, he decided to study again and completed a dual degree Master in International Management (IPBS) at the European Business School Reutlingen (ESB) and Northeastern University Boston. His master’s thesis landed him in After Sales at the automotive supplier MAHLE, for whom he worked as International Strategic Sales Manager for more than five years before joining GEZE. Through his many years of working in sales and after sales, he has made it his mission to make the interaction between these two areas as smooth as possible throughout the entire process in order to achieve the best possible result for the customers and the company.

Paolo Manfrin, Head of Product Field Service Management, SAP

Paolo holds a Master Degree in Software Engineering from the University of Trieste, Italy conducting studies at the Technical University of Tampere, Finland and Yale Electronic Department, USA. After having completed his studies he started his career as Technical Consultant at SAP. Later he joined Deloitte Consulting as an analyst working on SAP SRM implementations. In 2010 he started at Coresystems Switzerland, covering different positions within the organization. While serving as CTO and Member of the Executive Board he and his team drove the technical implementation of Coresystems’ Field Service Management Solution. After the acquisition by SAP, Paolo has led the Planning and Dispatching Area of SAP Field Service Management. He therefore knows the in and out of the FSM from a technical and business standpoint. Paolo likes to spend time with customers to shape and refine the Field Service Experience at his best.