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IIoT as an Enabler for Connected Services

Running a smart and agile manufacturing operation

Connectivity can look in various ways but often with the common goal to create more efficiently, transparency and possibility for analysis. Connected devices and 83% of the companies Copperberg have asked, reported to have implemented IIoT to some extent and are seeing improvements in efficiency.



While IIoT is being implemented and used by many manufacturers, it is an ever-developing project with many possibilities and usage.

For this Virtual Seminar we will focus on:

  • Smart Manufacturing: Many have incorporated industry 4.0 principles and equipment to build more connected productions and services. The Smart Factories have promised to bring more precision and optimized production, what are the results thus far and what is the next step for the Smart Factory?
  • Cloud Computing and Agile Methodologies: Cloud computing and visualization can be very beneficial for Agile teams to combine multiple developments and processes in IIoT implementation and integration. How can agile methodologies be helpful to enhance IIoT integration in a holistic way?
  • Incorporating Technologies and Service: With new technology comes implementing and using the technology to the fullest. How can you ensure to keep up with the new equipment and the best use of it to create the most uptime and great aftermarket service?

Make sure to sign up and join us for a discussion on current and future technologies and trends in IIoT and how organizations can benefit from implementing these.

IIoT is becoming an unavoidable part of manufacturing today and can increase efficiency through the ease of communication between machines, people and systems.