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Selling Products as a Service – The Road to Servitization

Manufacturing is increasingly shifting from traditional production and distribution of goods to a servitization model, where companies sell outcomes and services around products rather than just the products themselves.

Getting to servitization is no easy undertaking. It requires manufacturers to rethink the design, development and distribution of products as well as how to monetize services connected to them.

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To stay ahead we must adapt to current times and customer expectations, offering product-as-a-service could be one way to do that.

Learn how to transform into an outcome based model where your connected services are at the core of your organizations value proposition and how digitalization paves the way to success:

  • PaaS and Change Management – Changing the pricing model and approach to the aftermarket is a great organization change, which requires strategy and adjustment for the whole organization. It can be a long and complicated process in which everyone can learn from others’ experiences.
  • Data Collection and Analysis – With machinery and sensors sending data back, comes large amounts of data that can be used in various ways and be very beneficial to your business, but not all data will tell you what you need to hear. How do you make sure to use your data optimally and how do you use the data to optimize your equipment, aftermarket or efficiency?
  • Customer Satisfaction and Aftermarket – When starting a journey towards a product-as-a-service approach as a business model, you may also have customer satisfaction in mind, so how do you use the new business model and ensure that it is actually creating an increased customer satisfaction while optimizing your aftermarket service?

We look forward to speaking about products as a service, the benefits and the downsides. Join us for the virtual seminar and get insights.

The transition to servitization will enable business models that provide new revenue streams and can make companies more resilient.