Copperberg Service US: The Intelligent
Service Business

Leveraging the right data insights to build customer loyalty in your service operation.


New technologies and connectivity gives data a new unique position and an abundance of new opportunities for manufacturers.

With market developments like digitalization, servitization and predictable maintenance, manufacturers have a unique opportunity to change their business model, modernize supply chains and offer customers a more tailored and individualized experience, in order to stand out from competition and those who are not ahead of new technologies and tendencies.

It all starts with data: analyzing, collecting and understanding how to use the data intelligently and using the right data points. Having the right data at the right time in front of the right people has become more important than ever.

The Service US Academy will cover 4 critical aspects of your service function:

  • Aftermarket Service Excellence: Using data and predictable maintenance models from connected equipment to enhance the customer experience and avoid downtime.
  • Pricing of Value Added Service Models: Creating an integrated method for pricing excellence and applying it to new service functions.
  • Spare Parts Supply Chain Resilience: Using data insights to predict spare part needs and creating a flexible and more resilient supply chain.
  • Field Service Management in a Predictive Setting: Using data to predict future needs and optimize field service operations.

From our previous US editions on Spare Parts, Pricing and Field Service we learned that Digital transformation in the service industry is a collective effort. See you on the 5th and 6th of December!


Gyner Ozgul
President and Chief Operating Officer, Smart Care

Ron Zielinski
Sr. Vice President, Global Customer Service, Coherent Corp.

Izzy Sanchez
Director, Service and Support Systems, Konica Minolta

Ozge Kurtoglu
VP Sales Excellence, Honeywell

Tim Geyer
Managing Director, MARKT-PILOT North America

Patrick J. Taylor
Global Pricing Director, Davis Standard

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