Global Business Network

For several years we have been building our knowledge base and establishing relations with key stakeholders to ensure that we are the leading business network for the industry. All of our activities are based on continuous and profound research with professionals within the manufacturing industry.

What is a Copperberg Partnership?

•  Lead Generation
•  Market Research
•  Database building and industry stakeholder mapping
•  Digital marketing campaigns
•  Webinars
•  Banner advertising
•  Original content promotions on websites
•  Newsletter insertion
•  Social media activities
•  Online meetings and webinars

•  Live meetings
•  White papers
•  E-books
•  Thought leadership through keynotes speeches
•  Networking with prospects
•  Face time with potential customers
•  Access to the online and live community
•  Event Management
•  Community Content Production

This is a unique opportunity to get a partnership that is tailored for your needs to engage with your potential customers, industry experts and stakeholder network.

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