01. Survey Report

The State of Customer Experience and Engagement Within Manufacturing

Momentum continues to build for manufacturing organisations to focus more deeply on their customer experience and engagement (CXE) strategy. With each passing year, the typical customer has evolved in ways that are impossible to ignore or neglect. A uniquely customised, relevant, and frictionless customer experience (CX) has become of particular interest to the modern-day client.

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As more organisations mobilise to step up CX efforts in hopes to enrich customer engagement and realise business growth, Columbus has teamed up with Copperberg to take the present pulse on CX in manufacturing.

Drawing on the survey responses of over 100 professionals who represent some of the world’s most important manufacturing industries, this report sets out to discuss:

  • To what extent are organisations within manufacturing industries focusing on CX today?
  • Which are the organisational challenges that hinder the progress of manufacturers in reaching their CX goals?
  • What are the key drivers of change behind CX transformation?
  • What is the future holding for those who put CXE at the centre of their business strategy?

The detailed findings of this survey report highlight where things stand now and what could change for those who prioritise investments in a robust CXE strategy.


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CX shouldn’t be ignored for manufacturers, as has been seen throughout the pandemic, customer experience is impacting customer loyalty.