EAM NXT 2021

Copperberg is proud to announce the launch of its EAM NXT Virtual Seminar, an event designed for EAM leaders within the industrial sector.


One of the most significant benefits of digital transformation is your ability to collect data.

In our recent trends report 20% of survey participants said they’re either not collecting data or don’t have enough data to use, while 42% said that they have data, but they’re not sure how to use it. That is almost two-thirds of respondents not using data. Your data is your most powerful tool, but it’s only as good as your ability to use it. Getting to a place where you can predict breakdowns before they occur doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a steady progression of collecting data and studying it over time for insights that lead to more focused data collection and smarter decision-making. It’s a process, and it takes time. Managing an enterprise smoothly, effectively and profitability, particularly during challenging times, demands the right tools.

That starts with your EAM. 

The report also shows that within the next 12 months many companies will invest in data analytics and in software development to support the EAM strategies and decision-making processes. This is precisely what the upcoming EAM NXT 2021 will dig into.

Copperberg’s recent EAM Trends Report shows that we at least know one thing for sure: digital transformation will be THE trend in 2021.


S — 01

Keynote: Smart Maintenance – just do it – How to utilize available data to realize the potentials for Asset Management

  • Should everything that can be measured be measured?
  • What is required for setting up a data-supported EAM function?
  • Common mistakes and learnings based on the maturity of your organisation

Kira Wehner, Member of Competence Center for Maintenance, Institute for Industrial Management, RWTH Aachen University (FIR)

S — 02

Keynote: The value and benefits of good asset information management – Achieve Visibility and Sustainability through Digital Transformation with EAM

  • Building Information Modeling and Asset Sustainability
  • How a Digital Transformation Project can unlock these value and benefits
  • How your Enterprise Asset Management system can be a platform for digital innovation

Bas Beemsterboer, Director Solution Consulting, Infor

S — 03

Q&As with speakers