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The Future of Resilient and Sustainable Service Supply Chain

The global pandemic took us all by surprise. For manufacturers, this resulted in a growing backlog of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events and inventory levels as service leaders struggled with restrictions on travel and on-site work, reduced recovery rates for parts and dwindling inventory.

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As countries begin lifting restrictions around the globe, the surge in service demand from customers who faced full or partial shutdowns during the pandemic will add enormous pressure to service supply chains who will also deal with an enormous backlog.

As such, Copperberg hosted a webinar with several experts from the service supply chain to look at how manufacturers could overcome these challenges as well as looking at the opportunities presented by the pandemic.

The main points of discussion were:

  • Discussing efficient methods to manage the upcoming post-Covid demand wave in service operations.
  • Begin to pave a path to digitize and optimize the service parts supply chain.
  • Build resilience and flexibility in your business for the next disruption – big or small.

Digitization is going to continue to be critically important and it’s all part of us looking at this more holistically and more strategically going forward.