Welcome to E-Commerce Survey Report 2021

A year ago, the world was engulfed in a state of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity). The manufacturing sector was especially challenged by workplace changes and digital acceleration. Now, a year later, manufacturers feel ambitious and eager to polish their competitive edge—on an international scale.

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How will manufacturers accomplish their new commerce objectives?

How will they boost their online revenue and execute a global strategy that yields successful results in an increasingly digital and competitive environment? And where do they currently stand on their journey to achieving their international goals?

This report answers these key questions and more. By analyzing the current state of international commerce in manufacturing and looking at where companies stand in terms of local effectiveness, product complexity, commerce platforms, and future investments, we’ve gathered actionable insights that will enable manufacturers to evaluate their positioning and readjust accordingly.


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As manufacturers are looking toward the future, they understand they need to change the way they approach online sales and global expansion.