Think Tank

E-Commerce in B2B: Translating personal relations to digital touchpoints – do’s and don’ts?

An interactive 55 minutes virtual networking session, part of the E-Connect Europe & Spare Parts Business Platform Virtual Academy 2023

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E-Connect Europe & Spare Parts Business Platform Think Tank 2023

Considering 74% of B2B buyers research at least half of their work purchases online. You have to be online to even exist in today’s market. Customers, both potential and existing, should be influenced online first. The pandemic supercharged a strong digital trend that is driven by customer demands. Despite the concept of data driven organizations being discussed for many years, the time has come for organizations to fully embrace the value of customer data and employ it every step of the way.

Here are the questions to discuss:

  • How to manage the volume of data? Industrial (or B2B) manufacturing businesses often have to deal with a large volume of data, which can make it difficult to track and manage customer relationships.
  • How to match the complexity of the buying process? Manufacturing businesses can be complex, involving multiple stakeholders and decision-makers. And for parts, at the moment of purchase you are often in a position of immediate need of that product. Therefore making sure that the buying process is seamless and easy is key.
  • How to customize the experience? B2B manufacturing businesses often need to customize their products or services to meet the specific needs of their customers. This can make it difficult to scale and automate the sales process.
  • How to build trust? B2B manufacturing buyers often need to trust their suppliers before they will make a purchase. Or if it is a part of an existing service level agreement i.e spare parts, an existing customer needs to trust in your offering online.
  • How to cover the lack of face-to-face interaction? Industrial manufacturing businesses often rely on face-to-face interaction to build relationships with customers. This can be difficult to replicate online.

How to map your customer’s buying journey to facilitate a more seamless experience? For both you and your customers. This is where e-commerce comes into play.


It’s great fun, it will pass very very quickly and we hope the delegates will be able to engage in many fruitful discussions!

We’ll be showing the audience a series of very short videos with key discussion questions and between each video the attendees are automatically put into a 1:1 meeting with another professional attending the session and you discuss the questions before another video resumes. You don’t need to do anything. It will all happen automatically.

Discussion topics will include:

  • How to manage the onsite/offsite service model?
  • How do we educate our customers to fit into a hybrid service model?
  • What learning points in terms of this hybrid service model, do you think are here to stay?

Join us for a great peer-to-peer discussion format!