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At Copperberg, we facilitate community building and brand elevation through our 5 functional areas of expertise that are essential to strategic innovation, networking, and recognition.

1. Training

Unique opportunities to evolve your skills or share your expertise.

We create cross-industry workshops on specific topics as part of our one-day gatherings such as the Power of 50—our most interactive event format to date. Professionals get the opportunity to exchange insights, learn from top experts within the industry, and boost authority within their field.

Expert coaching delivered directly to your organization.

Meet your specific learning objectives with our in-house training programs led by our expert partners. We match the right trainer to your unique needs and adjust the format to your preference. Whether on-demand or in-person, your training needs are met with our top-quality, customizable learning solutions designed to deliver educational and innovative insights directly by leading professionals.

2. Speaking

We work with you to develop and deliver your message.

Our interactive events are attended by professionals across the industry who are constantly seeking the latest insights and most innovative perspectives for their businesses. The Copperberg team can help you reach this select audience via engaging and competent keynotes, workshops, training, and webcasts that entertain, inform, educate, and inspire. Whatever your goals, we will work closely with you to customize your content and delivery.

We provide a variety of formats to help you engage your audience.

  • Moderation virtual – As your virtual moderator, Copperberg introduces and supports speakers to the audience online, ensuring that every objective on the event’s agenda is met and that questions from the attendees are answered at the end. We provide a highly interactive, frictionless, and engaging online environment to ensure that all participants are enjoying a positive experience. To top it off, we record and edit the session accordingly so that it may also be available on-demand on our platform or yours.
  • Moderation in-person – In-person events can be tedious—so we ensure that everything runs smoothly for your live event. From supporting speakers to do their best jobs to creating a cohesive experience for the audience, we can moderate every aspect of your live event, asking the right questions and ensuring that the right answers are delivered.
  • Keynotes virtual or in-person – The service and manufacturing industry is changing and it’s always best to know where it is headed next. To shed light on future trends, you can book Copperberg’s expert speakers to hold keynote sessions on what is likely to change, continue, or emerge within a specific industry sector. All keynote content is carefully curated and validated by our team and delivered in person or on our virtual platform based on your preference.
  • Panel contributions and moderation – Use the Copperberg team’s content experts to host a great and dynamic discussion! We prepare each panel member for the session and moderate the discussion to create a cohesive and interactive experience. Every participant has the opportunity to deliver their expertise to our audience, either live or online. Panel discussions are a source of unique insights and fresh perspectives, so we can also record the sessions on demand for future use.

3. Editorial Contributions

Build your thought leadership with quality readership.

We help you streamline your ideas by developing content for dedicated articles, chapters, forewords, guest posts, and other editorial items essential to building your thought leadership, brand awareness, and authority. Our team of qualified editors is always available to help you ensure quality readership and relevant content that nurtures your audience toward your desired goal.

4. Marketing and Lead Generation Advisory

Nurture and convert your audience with targeted marketing.

Targeted marketing programs not only create tangible results but also long-term success. At Copperberg, we specialize in creating:

  • Custom marketing advisory and coaching programs based on our services and vertical expertise.
  • Gap analysis of data and organizational mapping of stakeholders to help you target prospects and major accounts, and build your ABM lists.
  • Tailored actions for improved lead generation fit for the digital age.
  • Topical guidance and storytelling to gain coverage and engage your target audience.

5. Recruitment and Talent Search

Match talent with opportunity.

Copperberg events bring together industry professionals and field experts that are always looking to connect and evolve in their careers. To help match the right talent with the right position, we promote available roles to the right candidates, openly or anonymously based on your preference. Our talent scouting service facilitates a connection between matches by forwarding all applicants to the organization while leaving the rest in the capable hands of your HR department.

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