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At the 4th Annual Field Service Summit UK in April 2019, more than 120 field service directors gathered to discuss the Experience Economy and how it translates to direct economic gains, more returning customers and differentiation as a premium service.

A series of thought-provoking roundtables addressed how service leaders can drive transformations in their field services, increase their engineer’s efficiency through better competence management and use the latest technology such as AI, IOT and AR/VR. The main crux being how all of these technologies can allow the service leaders to create Disney like for their customers.

A slew of leading solutions providers joined to share qualitative insights into device connectivity, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning and explain how service directors can transform these concepts into tangible assets for

their entire service lifecycle operations.

In 2020, The Field Service Summit returns with an even more engaging value proposition: “A step towards Smart Field Service”. At the turn of the decade we seek answers to 3 main questions: 

•  Why let go of control and allow RPAs to take over your backend?
•  How to integrate robots into your field service workforce?
•  What do you do to manage your customers increasing expectations with cross-industry comparison?

Rohit Agarwal, Editorial Director, Copperberg

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