Editor's note

The UK has, like many other countries, been affected by waves of lockdowns which has limited the technicians scope in the field and on top of that Brexit may, for many organisations, have caused an increase in parts prices. 

Therefore it has become more important than ever before to rely on the tools at hand and what might have been a desirable technology to have in place before the pandemic, has for many become a vital ingredient for the company’s possibility to serve their customers and increase uptime, even if done remotely.

Digitalisation is a company-wide initiative that impacts all areas of a business: from product design to engineering to service, from production to supply chain to sales and marketing to finance. But it is also the foundation for a successful service strategy.

Our latest research with service leaders shows that roughly 30% of industrial companies have a clear digital strategy. And yet, at the same time, boosting customer satisfaction is the key strategic objective for digitizing the aftersales business for 77% of OEM’s. How, then, can companies develop a digital strategy for their, for now disrupted, field service activities that also support long term objectives?

Field Service Leaders gather to discuss the major transformations due to globalization, digitization, and changing customer behaviors. Service businesses will need to adapt in order to build a world-class proactive division that will converge machines with data for improved customer satisfaction.

Our format explained:

A virtual seminar is a time efficient format where an event is turned into a crash course on a clearly identified challenge. Available via Linkedin and open for anyone to attend, this is the most condensed form of content we provide. Handpicked guest speakers and experts give you their case studies and key learning points in a live broadcast. With appr. 50 seats available these seminars are typically created for specific geographic markets or more niched topic areas where more defined questions will be discussed.

What to expect?

An intense couple of hours of live broadcasting where you gain the insight of both user and solution provider perspective. Take a seat and make sure to pick our guest speakers’ brains!



Lisa Hellqvist
Managing Director