Press Release

Copperberg Acquires Field Service News

Kris Oldland steps in as the new Digital Portfolio Director Copperberg.

Field Service News

18th of October 2023

Copperberg, a pioneer in creating knowledge-sharing platforms for the global manufacturing industry to engage, learn, and do business, is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Field Service News (FSN), the leading platform for field service management insights, news, and resources.

Over the last decade, FSN has become a cornerstone in the field service industry, providing invaluable content, insights, and trends to field service management professionals navigating the complexities of their sector. This acquisition promises to leverage the strengths of both entities to create a complete, comprehensive platform for industry leaders, experts, and practitioners.

A New Chapter Begins

In line with this exciting development, Kris Oldland, the brain behind FSN’s powerful and influential content, is joining Copperberg as the Digital Portfolio Director. Securing the services of Oldland, with his extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the field service sector, is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading analysts in field service strategy and servitization is a fantastic coup for Copperberg and a significant statement of intent to their ongoing commitment to the industry.

Kris will play a pivotal role in steering the digital content and platforms of Copperberg to new heights, enhancing its capability to provide top-notch content and digital experiences to the global community of field service professionals.

Envisioning a Future Together

Lisa Hellqvist, Managing Director of Copperberg, expressed her enthusiasm about this strategic acquisition and collaboration:

“We’re delighted to welcome Field Service News and Kris Oldland into the Copperberg family. FSN has been an inspiration and resource to many in the field service industry, and Kris’s expertise is unparalleled. This union signifies our steadfast commitment to empowering the field service community with rich, invaluable content and experiences. Together, we envisage crafting a future where knowledge-sharing becomes more seamless, global, and powerful.”

Hellqvist further emphasized that Copperberg and FSN will collaboratively ensure the continuity of bringing timely, relevant, and essential information and knowledge to the field service community, hence creating a more robust and enriched platform for learning, sharing, and business development.

Oldland echoed these sentiments, stating, “I’ve worked closely with Lisa and the Copperberg team since FSN was first launched back in 2013 and have always admired their commitment to the industry and shared their innovative streak that has seen them become such a dominant force in producing original content and leading educational platforms in our industry. At same time at FSN we have continually pushed the boundaries of the role of a traditional trade journal by constantly innovating our digital portfolio so now it is a fully dynamic platform that spans online education, discussion groups, a networking platform and of course the industry’s most comprehensive resource library.”

“Now as we enter this new chapter in FSN’s future I’m really excited to build on everything we have achieved and take it to the next level to establish the FSN platform as the central pillar in our industry to support our readers and our sponsors alike as we all continue to drive our industry forward together!”


Copperberg is a global leader in facilitating knowledge-sharing platforms, consisting of insightful conferences, strategic workshops, online assets, resources libraries and interactive webinars, which enable professionals from around the world to meet, share knowledge, and do business.

With a pulse on trends, challenges, and opportunities in the field service and aftermarket domain, Copperberg is dedicated to propelling the industry forward through quality content, networking, and strategic collaborations.

Field Service News (FSN) is a renowned digital platform offering comprehensive insights, news, and resources pertinent to field service management professionals.

Through its robust offering of articles, reports, and updates, FSN has been aiding professionals for over a decade to navigate through the dynamic field service landscape, enabling them to make informed decisions and stay abreast of the latest industry developments.

For more details about the acquisition, future collaborations, and offerings, please visit Copperberg and Field Service News.