How to Leverage Real-Time Visibility into Assets to Make Decisions Proactively and Maintain Customer Excellence

When it comes to profitability, manufacturing companies worldwide are under pressure on multiple fronts. On one side, they are challenged to increase the margins of their product and service offerings. On the other, they deal with rising customer expectations and changing market conditions that impact their processes and cost structures.

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How do companies best track the profitability of their product and service offerings while meeting customer demand and market expectations?

During this Breakfast Seminar you will learn about the insights that allow manufacturers to better understand the costs associated with servicing their assets. Coen Jeukens will speak about two effective KPIs relevant for manufacturing companies worldwide: Cost-to-Serve and the Contract Profitability, the synergies of both analytics and the benefits for multiple persona groups, like Finance, Contract Management and Supply Chain. Using the example of a customer, who didn’t have the right data at their fingertips to make well informed, timely decisions, we reveal how more cost transparency made them more confident to decide on specific measures and to take the right steps to increase their profitability.

Key topics to be discussed:

  • Why is real-time, accurate asset data so crucial?
  • What are the benefits of understanding your cost to serve?
  • Why is contract profitability such an important metric to be able to measure?


Coen Jeukens, VP Global Customer Transformation, ServiceMax

Coen has experience in operations, (interim) management and strategy consulting for international and larger SMB corporations in high-tech, medtech, industrial equipment, utility and consumer electronics. He is an enthusiast “builder” of teams and organisations driving (new) business, delivering answers to changing customer behaviour and disruption to legacy earnings models.

Katharina Streater, Senior Product Marketing Manager, ServiceMax

As Senior Product Marketing Manager at ServiceMax, Katharina Streater drives the cost-to-serve and analytics capabilities of the ServiceMax platform. Passionate about technology, Katharina has extensive knowledge in analytics, AI, and held several marketing positions over 14 years at OpenText, a leader in Enterprise Information Management solutions.

Lisa Hellqvist, Managing Director, Copperberg

In 2012 Lisa co-founded Copperberg and has since the start been the acting Managing Director. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, she first joined the group of companies as Marketing Director in 2009. In addition, Lisa holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration and economics.

Cost-to-Serve and Contract Profitability are a powerful analytic, a game-changer for manufacturing companies. That data and those insights furthers more cohesive, holistic decision making and will help business to knock down silos.


S — 01

Welcome by Copperberg

Lisa Hellqvist, Copperberg

S — 02

Crucial metrics for manufacturers: Cost to serve and contract profitability

Coen Jeukens, ServiceMax

S — 03

How analytics is helping a medical device manufacturer to track the impact of service operations on its business

Coen Jeukens, ServiceMax

S — 04

Round table discussions

Coen Jeukens, Lisa Hellqvist

S — 05

Analyzing the data of your asset and gaining insights with Asset 360

Katharina Streater, ServiceMax

S — 06

Conclusion and Q&A

Lisa Hellqvist, Copperberg