Become a ‘Virtual Partner’

Times have changed. We miss human interaction. We agree that there’s nothing like meeting your customers and prospects ‘in person’. So what if you could do that without leaving your desk? All the major benefits of being an event partner can be met during our virtual events (and then some…).


The options are endless (and we are very grateful for the technology!). In addition, save on both travel and accommodation costs for your team. It’s a win-win.


Want an expo?

You will have the ability to create a virtual expo within our online platform, including branding, videos, content – with the ability to set this up weeks before the event (= even more networking time!).


Want to speak?

Show your thought leadership through a keynote that is both broadcasted live and available on demand ( = more exposure for your presentation).


Want to discuss?

Hold an interactive workshop or a roundtable where you get the opportunity to interact with your prospects and get instant feedback. A virtual set up allows more visibility and control on who ‘sits down’ in your room or ‘table’.


Want to meet?

Have one-to-one meetings via videolink with less hassle trying to find each-other on a busy expo floor.

Have a look at our Virtual Business Platforms 2022 brochure to find out more and see what packages we have available.

If you want to know more about the opportunities available, feel free to contact Åsa Karphammar, Sales Director at Copperberg.