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Pricing vs Customer Expectations – how to stay on top in an ever changing world?

An interactive 55 minutes virtual networking session, part of the Manufacturing Pricing Excellence Virtual Academy 2023

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To remain successful and disrupt instead of being disrupted, best-in-class B2B organizations have understood the increasing importance of “experience” to maximize customer value.

They have initiated profound transformations to develop customer preference and maximize margins by moving toward Commercial Excellence.

It does seem though that in times of turmoil we tend to fall back on the traditional instruments that we have in place to effect our profit margins, one of them being the pricing instrument.

Therefore, with the last couple of years of investments into new technologies, understanding our customer needs, moving towards solution selling or value-based selling (and the attached value-based pricing model to this) we are geared up to make different decisions going forward.

How should we operate going forward based on the lessons learned over the last couple of years? And how do we think those lessons will help shape the future?

To be discussed:

  • The current market volatility and inflation puts pricing optimization in the spotlight. Endless are the news stories about combating inflation through strategic pricing etc. How do we ensure that pricing is not only a tool in times of crisis but rather always on the agenda for strategic decisions?
  • We often speak about a more indecisive customer & the rising customer demands and needs. We know we need to add value to our propositions, but what has the past couple of years taught us in terms of understanding those customer needs?
  • How do you see that we (the industry) will be adding value to our contracts going forward in order to stay competitive? Any new contract forms,business  models etcetera?
  • How do we onboard the customer on our value proposition? Which are the pitfalls? How do you make something concrete out of the term “value”?

Join us and other Pricing professionals in this great online networking session where you get face time with representatives from the pricing network and you can pick the brains of your industry peers!


It’s great fun, it will pass very very quickly and we hope the delegates will be able to engage in many fruitful discussions!

We’ll be showing the audience a series of very short videos with key discussion questions and between each video the attendees are automatically put into a 1:1 meeting with another professional attending the session and you discuss the questions before another video resumes. You don’t need to do anything. It will all happen automatically.

Discussion topics will include:

  • How to manage the onsite/offsite service model?
  • How do we educate our customers to fit into a hybrid service model?
  • What learning points in terms of this hybrid service model, do you think are here to stay?

Join us for a great peer-to-peer discussion format!