Achieving Higher Production Efficiency Through Data-Driven OEE

With conditional lockdown relaxations coming into effect, manufacturers have started to reopen plants and resume their daily operations — still at reduced capacity, though. Yet this doesn’t mean that plant operators will experience a prolonged production hiccup.

As industry players aim squarely at optimizing productivity through data-driven OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), they are likely to keep production from grounding to a recurrent halt.

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This globally accepted standard for measuring manufacturing productivity indicates how efficiently industrial equipment is running and patently locates potential hindrances in the production flow.


There is a precondition for achieving a world-class OEE score and yielding all the benefits that come with it — namely, gathering and acting on timely data. That is to say, the palmiest OEE-based initiatives are primarily data-driven.

The first step towards greater production output is, therefore, using relevant data to make intelligent decisions and build a foundation for continuous plant availability, performance, and quality optimization.

Thomas Igou

Head of Content


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