Our Main Verticals

For over a decade we have been building our knowledge base and continuously working on establishing relations with key stakeholders to become and ensure that we stay the leading business network for the industry.

Our Main Verticals

For over a decade we have been building our knowledge base and continuously working on establishing relations with key stakeholders to become and ensure that we stay the leading business network for the industry.

Our aim is to create physical and digital activities bringing together the manufacturing industry.

and Service


The Copperberg flagship platform – where it all started.

Since it all started in 2009, we have spent over a decade convening Service Leaders from across Europe to explore the evolution of service operations. In today’s landscape, service plays a pivotal role in the product life cycle and customer satisfaction initiatives of manufacturers, proving to be a lucrative venture.

The integration of connected machinery not only enables us to anticipate and forecast maintenance tasks, but it also provides valuable insights into our installed base. However, we find ourselves at a juncture where bridging the gap between the old and the new is imperative. This heightened need underscores the importance of an adaptable strategy, agility, and the ability to leverage data promptly to minimize customer downtime.

Achieving harmony among technology, personnel, and processes is no small feat. This is why, at the aftermarket business platform, we delve deeper into the actions service leaders can take to optimize their service businesses. We explore how to harness the data offered by current technology, analyze it, adapt to it, and seamlessly integrate it into our organizations to continually enhance service operations and bolster profitability.

Navigating this landscape requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. Share with us your insights on how you leverage data to create a reliable and lucrative aftermarket.

VP/Head/Director/Manager: Aftersales/Aftermarket • Service • Digital • Spare Parts • Support & Development • Customer Service • Business Development • Sales & Marketing • Sales Service • Product & Service Development • Operations • Lifecycle Management • Supply Chain

2024 Aftermarket Events

11 April 2024

Aftermarket Business Platform Virtual Academy

24 October 2024

Aftermarket Business Platform Power of 50


The latest addition to the Copperberg topic portfolio is the e-Connect event, centering on e-commerce for B2B manufacturers. Expanding our scope to include e-commerce was a logical progression, given its integral role in the commercial strategy of many manufacturers. The recent shift towards digitalization and connected machinery in the past few years necessitates a more transparent business model, allowing customers to easily access information online and, as a result, boosting the significance of e-commerce strategy.

E-commerce serves as the primary point of contact with customers worldwide, eliminating some costly intermediate steps and streamlining the supply chain. Consequently, this year, our focus revolves around establishing an e-commerce platform that aligns perfectly with the needs of both customers and dealers.

As manufacturers, we ponder whether financial transactions are the sole focus, or if the real value lies in the knowledge we provide to our customers. How can we shape our business model to support the e-commerce strategy, and vice versa, in order to meet and exceed customer expectations?

Secure your seat at the table and participate in one of the most expansive areas of investment for the industry at present!

VP/Head/Director/Manager: E-Commerce • Online Sales • Digital Sales • Digital Business • Digital Platform • Digital Offering • Digital Transformation • Digital/Online Communications • E-Business • Marketing • Marketplace

2024/2025 E-Connect Events

7 November 2024

E-Connect Europe Virtual Academy

5 February 2025

E-Connect Europe Power of 50

Field Service

The Field Service events within the Copperberg portfolio offer a distinctive blend of technological focus and the harmonization of technology with people and processes. This year’s discussions in the field service sector will be centered around critical areas such as Digital Transformation, FSM Technology, Service Leadership, Service Operations, and Service Strategy.

The rapid digital adoption in recent years has fundamentally reshaped the landscape of service operations. The ability to access real-time data and derive actionable insights has become pivotal in enhancing efficiency, ensuring customer uptime, and serving as the backbone of field service operations. This data-driven approach not only propels us forward but also empowers us to optimize workforce scheduling, enhance engineer utilization rates, eliminate idle time between tasks, and integrate new technologies for remote support.

Join us in our discussions as we explore how to excel in field service operations, leveraging digital transformation, FSM technology, service leadership, and strategic operations to improve efficiency and profitability, all while ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

VP/Head/Director/Manager: Service • Field Service • Aftersales/Aftermarket • Customer Service • Maintenance • Field Operations • Customer Operations • Service & Support • Sales & Marketing • Remote Support • Lead Technicians

2024 Field Service Events

12 March 2024

Field Service Forum Virtual Academy

29 May 2024

Field Service Forum Power of 50

Manufacturing Pricing Excellence

Copperberg’s annual pricing event has consistently stood out as a premier gathering for the pricing community. Widely recognized as “Europe’s friendliest pricing conference,” our events have become a staple for those seeking insights from leading pricing experts in the manufacturing industry.

In the evolving landscape of the manufacturing sector, price modeling has gained increasing significance. As we transition towards a more service-oriented approach, consumer perspectives have reshaped our identity as customers, elevating our expectations significantly. Moreover, we find ourselves grappling with the challenge of balancing value and price, particularly in incorporating intangible elements into our pricing strategies. The imperative is not only to involve commercial departments in aligning initiatives but also to elevate the pricing function from a reactive role to a proactive steering function.

This year, our focus will be on delving into the intricacies of value-based pricing and its integration with sales strategies. We’ll explore how to navigate the path towards the commercial excellence model. Be sure to join us and become part of Europe’s friendliest pricing community this year!

VP/Head/Director/Manager: Pricing • Commercial Excellence • Marketing • Sales • Revenue Management • Cost Management • Customer Value • Contract management • Product Owner/Management • Operations

2024 Manufacturing Pricing Excellence Events

28 May 2024

Manufacturing Pricing Excellence Power of 50

12 September 2024

Manufacturing Pricing Excellence Virtual Academy

Spare Parts

2024 marks the 12th edition of Copperberg’s Spare Parts Business Platform, establishing it as the singular meeting point for the spare parts community in Europe, boasting a decade of experience.

In the ever-evolving landscape of spare parts, creating genuine profitability is a paramount challenge. Crafting a pricing and sales strategy that aligns seamlessly with broader objectives is essential. For those navigating distributor networks, the question arises: How do you sell spare parts in a manner that continues to contribute significantly to your bottom line?

As we approach the 12th edition, it’s crucial to acknowledge the emerging trends within spare parts, particularly in transactional sales and embedded value. These two facets represent critical areas within spare parts, constituting a substantial portion of profitability. Interestingly, this segment needs to thrive even as the spare parts market is projected to decrease in size due to factors such as electrification.

Building resilience has taken center stage, given the potential for disruption from macro-environmental changes. Insights derived from data, end-to-end visibility of the supply chain, real-time decision-making based on inventory, and transparency of the installed base have become imperative.

These critical aspects, along with more, will be thoroughly explored in our annual meet-ups, both in person and virtually. Join the most crucial parts community this year as we navigate the challenges and opportunities within the spare parts industry.

VP/Head/Director/Manager: Spare Parts • Aftersales/market • Service • Pricing • Warehouse • Parts/Service Supply Chain • Logistics • Inventory • Procurement • Stocking Management • Global Distribution

2024/2025 Spare Parts Events

28 November 2024

Spare Parts Business Platform Virtual Academy

6 February 2025

Spare Parts Business Platform Power of 50

Copperberg Select:
Top of mind discussion areas in 2024

Welcome to our thought leadership series, where the pulse of industry wisdom meets the rhythm of strategic insights. Each topic in this carefully curated collection is dedicated to the profound expertise of our editorial team, gained over many years of dedicated exploration at the forefront of market trends.

At the heart of our selection process is a commitment to delivering content that transcends the ordinary. We draw from the constant flow of information, an ever-evolving exchange of great insights, and a deep understanding of the dynamic landscape we navigate. These chosen topics are not just random selections; they represent a deliberate and informed choice, reflective of our commitment to providing you with the most valuable and relevant insights in the industry.

Join us on this journey through thought leadership, where knowledge is not just shared but crafted, refined, and presented with the precision that comes from years of involvement in the marketplace. It’s not just information; it’s expertise collected with care and precision for your strategic advantage.

2024 Copperberg Selects

26 March 2024

Copperberg Select: Sustainability in Service

Sustainability for Service Profitability

Embracing sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity for manufacturers seeking long-term service profitability. The virtual seminar delves into how eco-friendly practices not only align with global environmental goals but also offer a strategic advantage in customer relations. Learn how integrating sustainable initiatives into your service operations can enhance brand reputation, reduce costs, and open new revenue streams.

13 June 2024

Copperberg Select: Selling Value

The Concept of Selling Value

In a competitive marketplace, manufacturers are shifting from transactional to value-based selling. This virtual seminar unpacks the concept of selling value and explores how it goes beyond product features. Gain insights into creating a value-centric sales strategy, understanding customer needs, and effectively communicating the unique benefits your products or services bring to the table.

27 June 2024

Copperberg Select: Supply Chain

Build Supply Chain Resilience in a Locally Globalized Market

The modern manufacturing landscape is a paradox of globalization and local intricacies. This virtual seminar focuses on strategies to fortify supply chains, ensuring resilience in the face of global disruptions. Explore the evolving dynamics of a locally globalized market and discover innovative approaches to mitigate risks, streamline logistics, and enhance overall supply chain agility.

29 August 2024

Copperberg Select: AI

The True Business Value and Impact of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than just a buzzword; it’s a transformative force in the manufacturing sector. This virtual seminar goes beyond the hype, providing a deep dive into the tangible business value and impact of AI. Explore real-world use cases, understand how AI optimizes processes, and learn to leverage data-driven insights for enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency.

1 October 2024

Copperberg Select: PaaS and Servitization

PaaS and Servitization: The Actual Business Case Behind the Buzzwords

Product as a Service and Servitization are industry buzzwords, but what do they mean for manufacturers in practical terms? This virtual seminar unveils the genuine business case behind these concepts. Discover how these models enable service-oriented business models and how servitization transforms product-centric approaches. Gain actionable insights into navigating these trends to drive innovation and revenue growth.

10 December 2024

Copperberg Select: IIoT

IIoT as an Enabler for Connected Services

Explore the game-changing role of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in connecting services. This virtual seminar delves into the transformative impact of IIoT, enabling real-time data exchange and analysis. Discover trends and strategies to enhance operational efficiency, enable predictive maintenance, and usher in a new era of connected intelligence for manufacturing.

Copperberg Service US Series

Embark on a journey with Copperberg as we introduce the Service Academy US edition, an exclusive series meticulously tailored for the US market. Informed by insights gained from our previous US editions on Spare Parts, Pricing, and Field Service, we recognize that transformation in the service industry is a collaborative endeavor that shapes the future of businesses.

At the core of this transformation is data—an indispensable element for navigating the complexities and seizing the myriad opportunities that contribute to outstanding customer experiences. Our exploration of the hybrid service paradigm underscores the importance of striking a delicate balance between online and offline customer interactions to optimize service businesses seamlessly.

Delving deeper into the critical areas of Digital Transformation, FSM Technology, Service Leadership, Service Operations, and Service Strategy, the Service Academies are poised to equip you with the knowledge and strategies essential for success in the evolving landscape. It’s worth noting that with Copperberg’s recent acquisition of the Field Service News brand, we now stand as the epitome of thought leadership and possess the broadest and deepest market reach in the world within the field service sector.

Join us on this transformative journey as we navigate the digital frontier together, steering your service business toward unprecedented heights of success and resilience.

14 March 2024

Service US Series: Service Transformation

25 June 2024

Service US Series: Digital Transformation and FSM Technologies

10 October 2024

Service US Series: Service Operations

12 December 2024

Service US Series: Service Leadership