01. Virtual breakfast seminar

Overcoming the Challenges in Field Service Management Today, Before We Dive Into Tomorrow


In this online panel discussion hosted by Copperberg, in partnership with PTC ServiceMax, we will look at the key issues keeping service leaders awake at night, offer practical guidance to overcome them, and explore how in doing so, we can also be building towards a future of more sustained success.



With digital transformation the dominant topic and top-line revenue strategies shifting rapidly towards becoming increasingly service orientated, it is often all too easy to focus on the future of service delivery.

However, today’s operating environment for field service organisations is perhaps more challenging than ever before. Yet, it seems the challenges we face today are long-standing, even perennial ones. The ability to achieve more with less and to drive more profit doing it is one that most service leaders are all too familiar with.

However, fixing the problems of today, and building success for tomorrow are not mutually exclusive. As we resolve the issues we face today, we lay the foundations for success tomorrow.

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03. Speakers

Coen Jeukens
VP Global Customer Transformation, PTC ServiceMax

Kris Oldand
Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News by Copperberg

We will touch on how the changes we make today can and must be future-proofed so we are building foundations for success tomorrow.

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