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Pricing Data Is Ubiquitous, Are You Using It?

Making important decisions is difficult. Before the modern advances in data collection and analysis, people made decisions based on qualitative factors, ad hoc assessments and, more often than not, based on gut feel.

The history of the world is plagued by misfortunes derived from incomplete insights leading to poor decisions. Even though some of those ended up with positive outcomes. How can this be applied to what you’re doing today?



Join our industry experts as they discuss the importance of data, how to be successful with data, and include examples they are seeing every day. No matter the level of data you’re collecting and using today you’ll learn a few ways to push on your data-driven needs.

Data is everywhere and the ability to capture it has never been easier. Are you drowning in data, but not using it well? You aren’t alone.

Data analysis has been a problem for centuries. Christopher Columbus set out across the ocean based on poor data. In this discussion, panelists dig deeper into good and bad examples of data analysis.

  • Why capturing the right data is the first step to success
  • How big data misses what they see everyday
  • What it means to develop the right methods for analyzing data


Israel Rodrigo, Business Consultant, Vendavo

Israel is a Business Consultant at Vendavo with more than 25 years of progressive international experience in logistics, wholesale distribution, high tech, and software industries. Prior to Vendavo, he worked at Deutsche Post DHL and McKesson in several strategic positions, such as controller, EMEA pricing director, management consulting, and leading pricing optimization and digital transformation initiatives. He holds a BS degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain) and lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife and three children.

Aaron Ames, Commercial Excellence Consultant, Vendavo

Based in Dusseldorf, Aaron works with Vendavo’s European industry clients in delivering the Commercial Excellence Suite from a functional and strategy side. Previously with the Munich pricing strategy boutique Vocatus AG, he has worked with both B2B and B2C clients with different data needs and starting points. Successfully developing and driving pricing strategy transitions, his current focus in working with discrete manufacturers, including automation and automotive aftermarket organizations.

Lisa Hellqvist, Managing Director, Copperberg

In 2012 Lisa co-founded Copperberg and has since the start been the acting Managing Director. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, she first joined the group of companies as Marketing Director in 2009. In addition, Lisa holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration and economics.

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